Restaurant advertising: new technology on the word market

Макеты блюд привлекают клиентов в ресторан

A modern trend: what you do now is out of date!

In the modern context, stability and competitiveness of restaurant business establishments is possible only if effective marketing strategy is developed and integrated.

Experience has proven that many restaurant and café owners use the same marketing instruments, following the idea “if everyone uses it, it works”. However, promotion on the radio and online, as well as banners, flyers and leaflets turn out to be unsuccessful due to the limited effect.

Therefore, a search for new ways of increasing marketing instruments effectiveness, becomes a vital task to ensure competitiveness of a restaurant.

New technology on the world market

Food models – restaurant advertising, invented in Japan.

Food models – restaurant advertising, invented in Japan.

Food models, a new Japanese marketing instrument is gaining popularity on HoReCa world market.

Food models are fake food, similar to the real one like two peas in a pod. Dishes, portion size and laying out on the plate precisely imitate original food.

Models are used for visual demonstration of menu items or products for retail, in order to bring new customers and increase sales.

Several years of Japanese marketing specialists’ research deeply studied and proved the effectiveness of this marketing instrument.

In spite the fact that over 70% of Japanese catering facilities successfully use food models for a long time already, it is only recently that they appeared on the world’s catering market. Which is related to the fact that Japanese food models factories used to specialize only on the local market until quite recently. Some time ago the specialists of Japanese factories implemented updates to the manufacturing process, which allowed them to accept online orders from any country.

Food models – a highly-effective sales tool. The number of your visitors multiplies from the moment you put food models in the display window.

How does it work?

It is well-known that restaurant’s advertisement is aimed at completing of 4 sequential tasks:

1. Catch interest (of potential clients to the restaurant);

2. Make interested (in cuisine, atmosphere, menu, prices);

3. Make visitors want to enter the restaurant, stimulate their appetite;

4. Persuade to act (make a decision to enter the restaurant and make an order).

The third task is the most challenge. It is the stage when most visitors postpone visiting the restaurant for an indefinite period. As a matter of fact, completion of tasks 3 and 4 shows the real effect of marketing.

Food models are the only type of restaurant advertisement that completes all 4 of the tasks simultaneously. They create perfect conditions for potential clients to decide to enter the restaurant and make an order.

Let’s have a look at a certain example

Restaurant advertising

Girls, look what a widest breadth! Let’s have a dinner here!

Imagine the situation. As you are walking down the street you notice an outstanding display window, full of delicious-looking food models. You come closer to have a look. The vast assortment is so various that you keep studying the display window, transferring your attention from one dish to another.

A bit later, you don’t even notice how it happened, your appetite is brought up, and subconsciously you start choosing a dish that you’d like to taste. After the perfect dish is chosen, you can’t help feeling hunger. So you enter and make an order.


Appetite + loyalty = visitor

So, the biggest drive to enter café or restaurant is appetite. The second, but not least factor of choosing the right place is price.

One can find all necessary information in the visible menu of display window: meal composition, size of a portion and price. The fact that potential clients can calculate expenses in advance, leaves no hesitancy and they enter the restaurant and make an order.

Food models in the display case create a perfect mood, which contributes to “pushing” potential client to make a decision to enter and have a meal.

But wait, there is more.

Complete 10 marketing tasks by means of Japanese food models

  • Bring new clients immediately
  • Increase average bill
  • Reduce time of service to clients
  • Dispel clients hesitation
  • Increase loyalty of clients
  • Save marketing budget
  • Distinguish you from competitors
  • Decorate display window
  • Make comfortable conditions for clients to make an order
  • Create positive reputation of the restaurant


Where do I put them?

Food models are placed in the display window or in the showcase by the entrance, or close to the cash register (in case of a trade stand).

While looking at food models all along the display window, people are getting closer to the entrance without even noticing. When they are emotionally ready to have a meal, and all they need is to make one step, they easily makes a decision to enter and make an order.

You have no display case, or nowhere to put it? There are a lot of techniques to locate food models, like directly in display windows or mobile boxes. You can also imitate a splendid set table. Set a table with the models of your most delicious dishes and put it by the entrance during opening hours.

Models quality is a crucial factor, which contributes to sales level.

Japanese food models have become world-famous for their top quality. Quality of manufacturing contributes to effectiveness of sales. Models useful life depends on technical characteristics of material.

See an article, covering product quality, to discover differences between Japanese food models and their foreign analogues.

Purchasing Japanese food models by “Nippon Dom” company, you get a product which is:

  • perfectly manufactured;
  • wear-resisting and sustainable.
“Nippon Dom” company guarantees that its food models will not need repair ever. You get 3-years warranty to make sure of it.


How much is it?

The price of Japanese food models depends on their size and number of ingredients.

Approximate models price:

  • meals: 150-170 $/ 1 ea;
  • desserts: 130-150 $/ 1 ea;
  • drinks/beverages: 95-110 $/ 1 ea;
  • rolls: 27-40 $/ 1 ea;
  • sushi: 25-30 $/ 1 ea;
  • burgers: 130-170 $/ 1 ea.

“Nippon Dom” company offers a flexible discount system, which allows our clients to purchase food models of top quality at profitable prices.

Approximate price of a set of models for restaurant display window is 3000-4000$.An instant increase of sales by 300% per month compensates expenses within 1-2 months.

Order food models from photos!

Each day without food replicas in your display window is loss of profit.

Don’t postpone it till tomorrow, send photos of your meals today. This is a noncommittal action. We will make price proposal within the shortest possible time, free of charge.

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