Why is this restaurant’s advertising popular among of restaurateurs?

How to restaurant’s advertising efficiently?

How to restaurant’s advertising efficiently?

Do you come to think why doesn’t advertising of your restaurant show desirable results? Do you count how much do you lose every month on inefficient marketing campaign?

Radio and internet promotion, billboards and banners, flyers and booklets require regular investment. However, you can avoid financial loss and save up to 70% of your money and 100% of time. All you need is to select the most efficient way to attract clients.

How to promote restaurant efficiently?

Many consider traditional advertisement to be the most efficient. «If everybody uses it, it works» — thinks a restaurateur and invests in radio advertisement or internet promotion. However, different types of restaurants are popular among different types of visitors, so you should choose individual methods of attraction.

Step one in restaurant’s promotion strategy is to identify who is your client. Whom do you want to direct to your restaurant? As soon as you know who you are working for, you will be able to immediately concentrate on your target audience motivation. The choice of “the right one” potential client strongly depends on restaurant location, menu and atmosphere. The clearer picture of your visitors’ lifestyle you have, the easier you can select effective advertising tool.

Let’s make some calculations:

Let’s say your restaurant is located in a busy area. Either on a pedestrian street or in a shopping mall. How many people see your showcase every day?

If 10 people pass by your restaurant every minute, it is easy to calculate that it makes about 600 people per hour and more than 5 000 000 per year!

It means that your showcase is noticed by minimum 5 000 000 of potential visitors every year.

Thus, correctly arranged showcase is the most efficient advertisement method for your restaurant.

Commercial advertising basis

It is well-known that restaurant’s advertising should achieve 4 consistent goals:

1. Capture attention of potential clients;

2. Generate interest to the venue and cuisine;

3. Make clients want to enter the venue, «evoke» appetite;

4. Encourage to enter the venue and make an order.

See a spreadsheet, developed by Japanese catering business experts. It shows influence of different types of advertisement on a decision to visit restaurant:

restaurant’s promotion

restaurant’s promotion

Evoke appetite” is the most challenging part. It is the stage when most people give up the idea of visiting restaurant. As a matter of fact, achievement of the third goal shows the real advertisement effect. That’s why it is so important to use the method that will make client want to enter the venue.

Food replicas — new technology of behavior influence

Restaurant’s promotion with delicious-looking food replicas, placed in the showcase is a key marketing strategy of catering facilities in Japan. That’s because such restaurant’s advertising achieves all 4 goals at once. It is able to make people act. Which is, to make a decision to enter the restaurant.

How does it work?

  • A restaurant’s individual showcase, full of replicas of menu items captures passers-by attention from a distance;
  • Artfully created replicas, 100% similar to real dishes, generate interest, amazement, admiration and intention to look at them closer;
  • While watching delicious-looking replicas in the showcase, a person subconsciously picks a dish “to his/her taste”. That’s when appetite comes up and a person wants to have the dish;
  • It is not easy to resist temptation when the dish is selected, and potential client makes a decision to enter the restaurant.

According to surveys, held in Japan, 4 out of 10 people who came to the showcase just to have a look, eventually enter the restaurant and make an order.

5 proofs that restaurant’s advertising, based on food replicas, really works

  1. You increase profit by 300% from day one. For food replicas start capturing attention right from the moment they were placed  in the showcase.
  2. You save up to 70% of advertisement budget at the first year. The next years you don’t spend a penny on restaurant promotion. Decorated showcase successfully replaces all other methods of visitors’ attraction.
  3. You save 100% of time that you used to spend on advertisement monthly. You create showcase with replicas once and it increases your sales for years.
  4. You decorate your restaurant’s front. Individual showcase with actual menu dishes looks very attractive. In the darkness, brightly illuminated replicas attract passers-by attention from a distance.
  5. You distinguish yourself from your competitors. People are more likely to choose a venue with clear menu and predictable prices.

As a result, you increase profitability through the growth of visitors’ traffic and reduction of advertisement budget.

Feel the efficiency and profitability of our advertisement. Analyze its influence on potential visitors. Estimate the cheapest option: either it is monthly investment in mass media advertisement, which provides just general information, or a single act of showcase arrangement, which allows for using a truly efficient advertising tool for years.

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