Russian cuisine – Main courses

Food replicas of the second course dishes of Russian cuisine

The food replicas of the second course dishes of Russian cuisine play an essential role in decorating the showcase with a visual menu.

A variety of ingredients of the second courses make the replicas appetizing, and the showcase becomes more attractive.

Rules for decorating the showcase with fake second courses

  • Place the fake second-course dishes on the showcase shelves by groups (pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes, etc.). Appetizing replicas in the center will brighten the facade and attract passers-by attention;
  • Place the replicas in a large bowl on the lower shelves, and the replicas in the middle bowl  on the medium ones. In this case, your showcase will have a well-balanced look;
  • Put your signature dish in the center of the showcase. Visitors often order the dish, which fake copy is located in the middle. At the same time, the most appetizing replica in a prominent place will properly decorate your selling showcase;
  • Make sure there is a name of the dish and its price in front of each food replica. It will help to remove the customers doubts and affect their decision to enter your restaurant.

More details about the rules for decorating a showcase with the fake dishes you can find in the article “Free consultations on building a selling showcase”.

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