Imitation products catalog of company Nippon Dom

Handmade fake food dishes produced by highly skilled Japanese professionals offer to renew marketing solutions and expand your restaurant business.

You are smart to understand how the buying decision process works! Now you just need to adapt your advertising strategy, where Nippon Dom is to help you providing concrete tasty-looking visual information. Remember, people eat with their eyes!

In our online imitation products catalog, you can find ready-made fake dishes and beverages, as well as different ingredients that you might use for interior design or staff learning.

Nippon Dom was founded six years ago, and during the rather short time of making artificial food has gained a good reputation on the international market. We proudly guarantee a supreme quality of our products, promising that the fake dishes:

  • look so natural that it’s hard to distinguish from the real food,
  • are non-breakable and have a long lifetime,
  • surely increase sales.

You are welcome to discover our international sale of fake dishes: just choose an item you wish, place an order and get it delivered to any country in the world.

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