Fake food dishes discount up to 20%

The prices of the Japanese fake dishes are rather high. But we can offer you exclusive discounts which benefit both you and us.

You are welcome to take advantage of having several types of discounts at the same time.

5% discount “for cooperation”

To get 5% discount, you should guarantee:

  • Allow us to use the photos of your food-serving establishment before and after decoration with fake food;
  • Provide the information on the sales increase (if possible in %) from the first day and within 3 months from the day when you have started using fake food decoration;
  • Allow us to use photos of your fake food items in our information sources;
  • Write a testimonial.

Additional discounts “for quantity”

  • 5% discount on orders over 1999 USD;
  • 10% discount on orders over 4999 USD;
  • 15% discount on orders over 9999 USD.

Get any fake food dishes from your menu as a gift from “Nippon Dom”!

A special gift  –  a fake dish from your menu, equivalent to 200 USD.

Just send us a short video-feedback about how you use fake dishes bought at Nippon Dom:

  • You don’t have to edit video yourself. It is enough just to provide us with raw video material. We have professional editors to make a great final video, which you for sure will like.
  • We will provide a detailed scenario on how and what to shoot.

Your video feedback will be published on our information resources.

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