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Children’s crockery from Japanese manufacturer

Children’s crockery from Japanese manufacturer is famous for:

  • strong material;
  • bright and fast colors;
  • distinctive design;
  • various shapes;
  • variety of sets;
  • numerous items in a set;
  • being environmental friendly.

Due to strong material the crockery won’t break if dropped. No scratches are left after using kitchen utensils or hard sponges.

The crockery withstands long time in freezer and heating in the microwave oven.

The crockery is an ideal decoration for Kids’ dishes in children’s cafes and family restaurants.

A separate set of crockery for the youngest family members at home will turn ordinary meal to an exciting activity.

Crockery set assortment consists of up to 30 items. Contact us to discuss order details.

Delivery worldwide from Japan.

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