Design ideas – Food courts

Fierce competition among food court establishments requires creative ideas. If you put plastic replicas of beautifully decorated dishes on display, your potential customers will have a strong desire to taste them as soon as possible.

Fake food items show all details of dishes: its design, composition and size. Therefore, this food court design introduces unfamiliar cuisine and new dishes to customers. Plastic food models attract customers much better than photos or text descriptions.

"Dessert Paradise". Facade.

“Dessert Paradise”. Facade.

"Dessert Paradise". Display window.

“Dessert Paradise”. Display window.

"KIRIN Smile Factory. Facade.

“KIRIN Smile Factory. Facade.

"KIRIN Smile Factory. Display window.

“KIRIN Smile Factory”. Display window.

"Gourmet Burger Kitchen". Facade.

“Gourmet Burger Kitchen”. Facade.

"Gourmet Burger Kitchen". Display window.

“Gourmet Burger Kitchen”. Display window.

Pizzeria "Pizza Meal". Facade.

Pizzeria “Pizza Meal”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Pizza Meal". Display window.

Pizzeria “Pizza Meal”. Display window.

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