Drinks and desserts

Artificial drinks and desserts

Cocktails and dessert courses have a better taste the smarter they designed. This rule works very efficiently, especially for kids. Precisely, for this reason, artificial drinks and desserts increase sales in some cases up to 700%! Hard to believe but that’s true. Though only if the  replicas look absolutely natural!

We can make replicas for restaurants of any complexity, color and structure. If you haven’t found a replica you need in our online store, please mail us the photos of your courses. Our clever craftsmen will make thier silicone copies precisely as shown on your pictures.

Why should you choose exactly Nippon Dom to buy artificial drinks and desserts?

  • Our talented Japanese craftsmen make artificial food dishes for cafes and restaurants using the most modern materials;
  • The replicas are 100% handmade and identical to the original meals;
  • They have a long lifetime and don’t demand any particular care.

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