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Number of customers
20 000
Companies per year
Sales volume
250 000
Food replicas per year
85 years
since 1932

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Catering establishments’ windows and showcases, decorated with silicone food replicas are the main method of visitors’ attraction in Japan. Researches of Japanese marketing specialists have proved its efficiency numerous times. This method tops the list of advertisement tools in Japanese catering establishments over 80 years.

Replicas of food and products, displayed in the showcases of a restaurant or café are the most efficient way of visitors’ attraction and sales increase. Delicious-looking replicas are a strong instrument of influence on human subconscious, which makes potential client take a decision to enter the restaurant.

Establishment’s showcase, decorated with food exposition turns ordinary passers-by into real visitors. According to Japanese surveys, about 40% of those who came to the showcase just to have a look at delicious-looking replicas, eventually enter the restaurant and make an order.

Food replicas in showcases ensure that catering establishment’s income will increase starting from day one of display, because they: attract new clients; attract more regular visitors; increase average bill; reduce time of order and save advertisement budget.

About Nippon Dom

Why restaurateurs prefer Japanese fake dishes made by “Nippon Dom”?

Best quality

  • Experience in the fake food production since 1932.
  • Hand-made work of top-class Japanese craftsmen.

The best materials

  • Unlimited lifetime at temperatures from -50 to +100 ° C.
  • Unique materials are developed in the factory’s own laboratory.

Best warranties

  • One year quality assurance.
  • Expert evidence issued by the state inspection authorities of the Russian Federation.

Fake food dishes is an effective marketing tool

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Where are fake dishes most efficient?

  • In RESTAURANTS, BARS, CAFES and other catering establishments for decorating showcases with a visual menu;
  • In SUPERMARKETS and SHOPS for decorating the shelves.
  • For DEMONSTRATION drinks, desserts, meat, fish, and other perishable products. Indispensable for the ready-made dish presentation, semi-finished and frozen products sales
  • At PRESENTATIONS, MASTER CLASSES and restaurateurs schools to demonstrate the appearance of a product or dish;
  • On EXHIBITIONS for the product presentation of food factories;
  • In household SHOPS to create an attractive product and presentation of its capabilities;
  • In PHOTO and TV STUDIES as props for long-term use in the filming of commercials, movies, and photo sessions;
  • IN MUSEUMS for creation of grocery compositions.

Showcases that increase the profit up to 300%

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Production technologies of fake food

Information about the company «Nippon Dom»

about the company «Nippon Dom»

The Japanese company Nippon Dom has created a technology for making fake dishes from photographs…

Production of Japanese fake dishes

of Japanese fake dishes

Japanese fake foods are made of silicone, which allows you to accurately convey the structure…

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