Fake dumplings custom made

Fake dumplings custom made

Fake dumplings custom made

Each restaurant has its recipes and cooking secrets.

That’s why dumplings often differ in taste, size, design and dish decoration.

Our masters can make fake dumplings by individual order. Please send us your photos to info@nippondom.com. Don’t forget to write the approximate sizes of dumplings and cooking ingredients.

The price depends on the size of the dumplings, as well as on the number of additional ingredients (sauces, greenery, etc.) are there on the plate.

The highest quality from Japanese masters

  • All our products are 100 % handmade. Our advanced materials make it possible to produce fake foods looking as realistic as natural meals;
  • Our wide color pallette accurately conveys the natural attractive colors of the meal;
  • The high strength of the material maintains the product shape throughout.

Care instructions: wash the fake dumplings in warm water with a soft cloth using a mild detergent.

Material: silicone.

Usable life expectancy: unlimited.

Production: Japan.

Dishware: not included in the price, demands additional payment.

Fake dumplings custom made

Fake dumplings custom made

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