Cutlets replicas for individual order (length 6 cm)

Cutlets replicas for individual order (length 6 cm)

Cutlets replicas for individual order (length 6 cm)

Cutlets are one of the most popular dishes in Slavic cuisine. But their size and shape differ depending on the place they are served.

If you want to buy cutlet replicas based on individual size, send us close up photos of your product: over the dish and side-view. Please also provide:

  • Product size;
  • Plate size;
  • Detailed description of additional ingredients, served with cutlets: garnish, vegetables, herbs or other products that you need for replica.

Plate: if you need cutlets replicas separately, you can buy them without plates and put them on special plates from your venue. If the cutlet is served with additional ingredients or the plate is decorated with sauce, replica should be fixed to the plate at the factory.

If you want replica to be fixed to your special plate, send the plate to us. If plate size and shape are not crucial, we will fix replica to our plate.

Material: Replica – silicone; plate – glass or ceramics.

Highest quality from Japanese professionals

  • All handicraft elements are put together manually;
  • modern materials allow for maximum likeness of replica and real dish;
  • bright colors make replica attractive and delicious-looking;
  • high strength of material ensures that replica will keep its shape for the entire useful life.

Read more about replicas quality in the article «Highest quality from Japanese manufacturers».

Replica colors remain bright for a long time in a closed space. Open air and direct sunlight may cause minor colors fading.

Handling: wash cutlet replicas with running water and soft brush. Use mild detergent.

Useful life: unlimited.

Manufacturer: Japan.


Cutlets 6 cm

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