Dish presentation

Презентация блюд на витрине привлекает внимание и вызывает аппетит

Dish presentation in the dispaly window attracts attention and whets the appetite

Every restaurateur knows that dish presentation is just as important as its flavour and aroma. However, this rule applies only to dishes that are already being served to guests. Imagine how the number of customers will increase if advertising of your food-serving establishment will tempt them just like the appearance of a delicious dish. There is only one question: How to achieve this?

A new effective solution from Japan helps restaurateurs make an attractive dish presentation before the customer enters the restaurant, cafe or bar. The secret is the use of plastic food replicas that are exact copies of dishes served at your food-serving establishment. Why does the presentation of dishes with fake food items placed in the restaurant window attract passers-by?

1. Visualization

Fanciful names of dishes do not give information about their composition and design. Photos are more effective than textual descriptions, but they are not able to demonstrate such nuances of the dish as its exact amount, size and ingredients. In addition, the display window with lots of pictures looks cheap and unattractive.

Plastic food models provide detailed information about how the dish looks like, what it contains and how big one portion is. Plastic replicas look so realistic that passers-by get the impression that the dish is real. This realistic dish presentation whets their appetite and lures them into your restaurant because they cannot resist the temptation to taste what they have just seen on display. Advantages of plastic food replicas over other types of advertising are confirmed by studies done by Japanese marketers.  According to them, at the sight of tempting dishes, 40% of passers-by enter the restaurant, cafe or bar.

Муляжи на витрине ресторана дают исчерпывающую информацию о блюдах меню

Plastic food replicas on dispaly give comprehensive information about dishes from the menu

На табличках перед блюдами написаны название, состав, цена блюд

Cards in front of mouth-watering dishes show their names, composition and prices

2. Maximum information

In addition to comprehensive information about the design, ingredients and size, effective dish presentation involves placing a card with the name and price of the dish. This, firstly, enables customers to make a choice before getting the menu and secondly, reduces fear that they may experience when they go to your food-serving establishment for the first time.

3. High quality & long lifespan

In contrast to real dishes, fake food items do not lose their fresh appearance. They do not fade, do not break and are easy to clean, as they are made ​​from high quality materials. You spend money on this dish presentation once and you no longer need to think about advertising costs, because plastic food models will work for years and years.

If you create dishes the appearance of which whets the appetite of guests, why not make the same impression on passers-by, who have not yet come to your establishment and cannot appreciate the beauty of your dishes? Realistic plastic food models will help you make an effective presentation of your culinary masterpieces and attract new customers.

Муляжи, выставленные на витрине, сделаны из современных материалов

Fake food dishes on dispaly are made from modern materials

  • Do you want to attract passers-by with your wonderful dishes?
  • Do you want to make the best advertising of the bar, cafe or restaurant?
  • Is your dream high profits and prosperity of your food-serving establishment for years to come?

Make an effective presentation of dishes and drinks with fake food items!

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