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Fake Food Dishes Made from Your Photos. Plastic Replicas of Food Products

Fake food dish is a must-have marketing tool for more effective sales!

  • Mouth-watering fake food dishes in the window increase sales from the first day;
  • Bright and original display case attracts the attention of passers-by from a distance;
  • Food models made from modern materials by professional Japanese craftsmen are impossible to distinguish from real dishes. Mouth-watering dishes whet the appetite, which triggers an irresistible urge to taste what is on display;
  • According to the research of Japanese marketers, 40% of passers-by who approached the display case with faux food enter the restaurant.

Remove customer’s doubt!

All people fear the unknown on a subconscious level. Passers-by are afraid to go to an unfamiliar restaurant, thinking that it can be expensive, uncomfortable or food there won’t be delicious.

Fake food dishes in the display window gives a comprehensive idea of your cuisine and serving sizes. The card in front of food replicas includes the name, price and composition (sometimes calories).

Being able to see the dish in advance and calculate expected costs, visitors enter the restaurant without any doubt.

Reduce the time of ordering!

Customers who have come to your restaurant already know what they will order as they chose dishes at the display window with fake food dishes.

The time that a customer spends on studying the menu book is reduced to a minimum. This means that you serve more customers per day.

Increase the average bill!

Looking at the wide range of delicious dishes customers order more than usual.

Even if customers were planning to have a snack or just a cup of coffee, the good selection of mouth-watering dishes make them order a proper lunch or dinner.

Increase the number of regular customers!

  • Seeing many mouth-watering dishes on display, customers want to come again to taste something else from this delicious abundance.
  • Most people listen to testimonials, even from unfamiliar people. Positive feedback from your customers will be a good source of new customers.

Decorate the display window!

  • Beautiful design of display windows adorns the entrance to the restaurant.
  • Brightly lit fake food dishes make the display window attractive even in the dark!

Make you stand out from the competition!

Restaurant with an original display case stands out among other food-serving establishments.

Advertising with fake food is a unique Japanese invention. This type of advertising has been used successfully in Japan for almost a hundred years. And only recently thanks to the Internet it has become possible for restaurateurs all over the world to get food models from Japanese craftsmen.

Save advertising budget!

All kinds of advertising using the media, flyers, banners and posters work until you pay for them. However, you buy fake dishes and food products for window dressing once, since the production of fake food involves modern, high – quality materials which allows them to be used for many years.

Before customers decide to go to a restaurant, they go through four stages of response to advertising. All known types of advertising easily cope with the first two steps of advertising objectives. But the most difficult and crucial for attracting customers to the restaurant is the third step.

In contrast to all types of advertising, only fake food items solve all four problems at once! Fake food products have a powerful force that encourages people to take action, that is, to make a decision to enter the restaurant.

Our products turn ordinary passers-by to your customers!

Where are fake food dishes effectively used?

  • In restaurants, cafes, bars and other food-serving establishments for window dressing;
  • In supermarkets and shops in display cases and on counters. Fake food is used to demonstrate drinks, desserts, meat, fish and other perishable products. They are indispensable for the presentation of cooked dishes when selling convenience foods and frozen products.
  • At fair trades for the presentation of food factories.
  • At presentations, workshops and culinary schools to demonstrate the appearance of a product or a dish
  • In shops selling home appliances and utensils to create an attractive presentation of products and its functions.
  • In photo- and television studios as a requisite for long-term use in commercials, films and photo shoots.
  • In museums for creating product decorations.
  • To decorate the interior of public places and home.

What makes affluent restaurateurs hot in demand? How do they decorate the display windows?

Restaurant «Papa Milano». Facade.

Restaurant «Papa Milano».

Restaurant. Facade.

Restaurant. Facade.

Pizzeria «Mar de Napoli». Facade.

Pizzeria «Mar de Napoli».

Restaurant «Baqet». Facade.

Restaurant «Baqet». Facade.

Restaurant «Obon de Gohan». Facade.

Restaurant «Obon de Gohan».

Restaurant. Facade.

Restaurant. Facade.


Now possible to order worldwide!


It has never been easier:

  • Order online
  • Unlimited amount of fake food items
  • Get your own food model made especially for your purposes
  • Direct delivery
  • Free consultations until you are completely satisfied with your order.

Get your questions answered any time whenever suits you.
We have 7-Day work week.

See the feedbacks from prosperous restaurateurs,
who don’t anymore waste either time or money for advertising.

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Get your
food replicas with a 5%-discount!!

We offer to use a 5%-discount in exchange for the opportunity to use the results of your increased sales in our promotional materials.

In exchange for the discount the Customer guarantees to:

  • give photos of the food-serving establishment before and after decoration with fake food;
  • provide information on the increase of sales (possible in %) from the first day and within 3 months from the day when the Customer started using plastic food;
  • allow us to use photos of the Customer’s faux food in our information resources;
  • write a testimonial.

Extra bonus!

For orders from $ 2.999 – free EMS delivery.

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