Children’s menu

Are your little guests experiencing difficulties when choosing dishes from the menu? It means you should arm your restaurant with a new design idea of children’s menu from Japan.

Japanese restaurateurs have no difficulties with children’s menu design, because instead of boring descriptions and small photos, they use plastic food replicas.

Fake food dishes look bright and attractive, so that little customers are happy to study the menu and make their choice. As a result, both children and their parents are satisfied. And this is the key element of restaurant success.


Children's menu A.

Children’s menu A.

Children's menu B.

Children’s menu B.

Children's menu C.

Children’s menu C.

Children's menu D.

Children’s menu D.

Children's menu E.

Children’s menu E.

Children's menu F.

Children’s menu F.

Children's menu G.

Children’s menu G.

Children's menu H.

Children’s menu H.

Children's menu J.

Children’s menu J.

Children's menu K.

Children’s menu K.

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