How to open a kids cafe and attract the customers?

Have you decided to open a kid’s cafe? You will off course start working on a detailed business plan, focusing on each single chapter. Long-term prosperity and popularity will reward your hard work and efforts.

Using the recommendations of Japanese marketing specialists, you will get a chance to establish one of the most desirable and often visited place for the children and their parents

First, you should find the best location

It is an issue of particular importance to focus on the location when you write a business plan. The best neighbourhood is a place often visited by parents with children both during working days and weekends. There might be a circus, an amusement park, a shopping centre, a puppet theatre, a Zoo, an aquapark, or other similar holiday destination.

Well chosen location and professional advertising will help to get people inside no matter of a day of the week or a season. An excellent place will save you a lot of money on outdoor ads. It is a good idea to invest money in decorating the interior and showcase.

The essential elements of the outdoor advertising:

  • a clear sign;
  • an attractive showcase,
  • the billboards and posters, flags and signs within a 300-500 meters distance around you should point to the place of your location.

Read more about how to organize outdoor advertising in our article “Secrets of Organizing Successful Restaurant Business.”

Create an attractive showcase

fake dishes for children

The “tasty” fake dishes make a child’s choice easier.

Japanese marketing specialists recommend decorating a kid’s cafe showcase with silicone copies of the meals from your menu.

A showcase with fake food has a lot of advantages:

  • children can see how the dish looks like and how big is the portion – it gets simple for them to choose;
  • decorates the front window and attracts people in a long distance;
  • saves the order time since the meal choosing process is faster than ever before. This way you can serve more clients.
  • encourages people to come again to try another dish, so you get more regular customers.

Both children and their parents find it funny to choose a dish from a “live” showcase. The young guests will be anxious to get their meal when they have chosen it themselves.


Create a fairytale interior

How to create a unique child-friendly interior? Every child dreams of becoming a fairytale hero. In your cafe, this dream should come true. The design of a child’s dream room has to delight the small customers and make them returning to your place again and again.

  • Build the decorations in a modern cartoon style. The interior should create an atmosphere as if visitors got inside of a fairytale;
  • Support the interior with some fairy furniture.
  • Put large fairytale heroes in the hall.
  • Use the fairytale lights.
  • Dress the staff in fairy clothing.
Design and equipment of the cafe

Cafe equipment is one the most significant sections of your business plan.

creative cafe design

The reception desk is a natural part of the cafe interior.

room design for the children

Room made in the “Alice in Wonderland” style.

Small children find it boring to sit at the table for a long time; due to their natural psychology they like to play. That’s why it is a good idea to build playgrounds and playing rooms for the kid’s entertaining and parent’s peace. The cafe separated to different zones is comfortable for the children of any age.

Think about the parents with babies:

  • Arrange a changing table in the WC.
  • Provide a peaceful place for breastfeeding.
  • Inform parents that at your cafe they can buy diapers, wet napkins and other hygiene staff for babies.
  • Notify parents that they can for free heat the infant food they have taken with them.

Make sure to find suitable “fairytale” dishware

The dishware is also an important element of the interior. Choose the dishware which should work as advertising, not only as usual plates and glasses.

To increase sales the attractive dishware should:

  • look bright, made in a form of a toy or painted with fairytale motives,
  • be harmonic with the entire interior and its colour,
  • be made from a safe material, not easy-breakable.

The fairytale dishware might look like this:

Тарелка, разрисованная иллюстрациями из мультфильма

A plate painted with famous cartoon pictures.

Необычное оформление блюд

Rice placed on a plate in a form of a tiy seems to taste better.

Красивое оформление детских блюд

Food on a plate in a form of a toy seems to taste better.

You are welcome to see a full assortment of different dishware in our online store.


Cook healthy meals and design them in a fairytale style

Food for children should not just be healthy; it should also look as a piece of art. For this reason, it is important to design dishes in a way which will continue telling your story. Use bright colours and fairytale objects.

Котлета в сказочной посуде выглядит аппетитно

The cutlet on the fairytale plate attracts children.

Красивое оформление десерта для ребенка

A fairytale hero is a part of a dessert.

Комплексный обед для ребенка в сказочном оформлении

A fairytale lunch set for kids.

Make a good layout for the kids menu

Красочное меню для ребенка

A colorful menu in the beautiful photo series.

A menu-book is an efficient supplement to the food replicas in the showcase. When a customer has already at the entrance chosen a meal, it will be very easy to find it in the menu book and make an order.


To make the menu easy-to-understand for young consumers, design it with large photos. The pictures help the kids to make an order themselves, without parents control. Children will with great pleasure eat the dish that they have chosen themselves.


Useful advice from Japanese child-friendly cafe owners: first offer the menu-book to a child and only afterwards to its parents. This way the child will get to know that he/she is an important guest.

Increase profits with the help of additional services

You have done everything to attract more customers. Your next tasks are:

  • a high-quality service which makes you place favourite and popular;
  • expanding the services boosting an average bill and making more money.

1. Create a Family Photos Hall

An original, funny place for taking family pictures will get your visitors to get “fairy” memories of your cafe, and they would like to come here again. Hire a person with good skills in photography, it will open you an opportunity to offer pictures to those who left their cameras home. This will as well bring you an extra benefit.

Suggest the brand photo frames. Then more people would like to have memory pictures.

Стол со сказочным обедом

A table with a fairytale dinner.

Красивая фото зона для детей

Special photo zone for children and parents.

Огромная мягкая игрушка

A large fluffy toy.

2. Music show

Everyday fairy shows will make your facility commercial any day of the week in any weather.

Hiring the staff, prioritize young job seekers with preschool teacher education and dance performing skills. If you build a successful professional team, your employees will be able to combine duties as waiters and show participants. A professional art direction, colourful costumes and a good sound will make a “hard-to-forget” show for your guests.

Suitable show decorations require a financial investment. But a real super-show will attract more customers, and your profit will grow. You will soon get the return on your investment while the decorations and costumes will work for you for many years.

Шоу для детей в ресторане

The junior visitors will be happy to participate in a show.

Шоу для детей в ресторане: фото

A Flunny Dance Show will put your guests in a good mood.

Огромные куклы сделают шоу фантастическим

Large dools will provide a really fantastic program.

Invite the little ones to dance together at the end of the show. They will get fun dancing with legendary heroes and will share the impressions with their friends and family members. Positive feedback is the best ad for your business.

3. A toy kiosk

Building a small toy kiosk next to the cash desk will open new opportunities for a better service and will earn you more money.

In the kiosk you can sell:

  • souvenirs, breloques and toys with your company logo
  • articles of daily necessity and hygiene for children
  • chocolate, candy, crackers and other sweets packed in the bags or boxes with your logo
  • your brand dishware which will remind the kids how cool is your cafe and how much fun they have had there.
Красивая посуда

Colorful dishes to keep good memories.

Украшения для девочек

Smart jewellery for fashion girls.

Мягкие игрушки в кафе

Fluffy toy for the little ones.

Invent a child’s dream cafe.  Then your dream of success and prosperity will also come true.

Decorate your showcase with tasty food replicas!

  • Do you dream of popularity and strong revenue stream?
  • Do you want to create an attractive showcase that will make your entrance attractive for customers?

Japanese company Nippon Dom produces the brand fake food dishes, which will provide you with a long waiting line of customers.

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