How do Bar Design and Its Interior Influence Sales?

Customers’ reviews

My first sushi

I never thought that I would dare to do this. Eating raw fish wasn’t an attractive idea. If it weren’t for the sushi bar, or rather the bar design, I wouldn’t have tried traditional Japanese cuisine. Soft music, comfortable low tables, relaxed atmosphere and most importantly, an amazing menu. If it were not for the unique bar design, I wouldn’t have chosen anything from the menu.

Такой потрясающий дизайн суши-бара вызывает аппетит у любого прохожего

This stunning sushi bar design whets the appetite

It wasn’t the usual description of dishes and colourful pictures, but the whole showcase of freshly made dishes.The showcase with full-sized plastic replicas of sushi looked so appetizing that I forgot that it was raw fish. Looking at the showcase I wanted to order almost all the dishes that were on the menu.

But as it was impossible to taste all these in one night I decided to try a few Japanese delicacies that I liked best in the window.

They turned out not only beautiful, but also incredibly delicious. I couldn’t believe that it was raw fish and that it was possible to make such beautiful dishes from it.

This evening was amazing: incredibly delicious dishes and unusual sushi bar design changed my attitude to Japanese cuisine forever. It was the evening when I fell in love with sushi.

Leaving the sushi bar late in the evening I decided that I would definitely come there again because I wanted to try other dishes that I saw in the window. And next time I’ll invite my friends. I can imagine how amazed they will be when they see such unusual interior bar design.


Today my friends and I are going to the bar

There are a lot of reasons to go to the bar, but I have a special one. I got a diploma and now I can get a job. There is no doubt what bar to choose. And I’m sure my friends will also like it. The interior of this food-serving establishment has stayed in my memory for a long time. This is a very fashionable bar with unusual design.

Красочные муляжи блюд придают дизайну интерьера бара оригинальность

Colourful food replicas make interior bar design original and creative

The bar has comfortable sofas, beautiful dinnerware and most importantly, fast service. Fast because you choose dishes at the entrance: in the display window decorated with plastic food replicas. It’s very convenient and creative. And it is the reason why I liked this bar.

I’ll offer my friends to order dishes because this is the main peculiarity of the sushi bar. I know that they will be impressed. They have never seen such interior of the bar. All dishes can be seen in the display window. Colourful and appetizing fake food items are replicas of served dishes.

Moreover, we, men, don’t need long descriptions from waiters or beautiful texts in menu books.

I’m sure that varied delicious cuisine and cozy and convenient interior bar design will make my friends remember this evening for a long time. I’m looking forward to the evening.


I worked hard – I had a good rest

It’s been a difficult day. I was tired and walked along the street. The phone didn’t ring. And suddenly a display window caught my eyes. The entire showcase was filled with glasses of cold golden beer.

Невозможно пройти мимо витрины с таким соблазнительным бокалом пива

It’s impossible to go past the display window with such an enticing beer glass

Next to the beer there stood various dishes. Everything looked so appetizing that I immediately felt hungry and my stomach started growling. The decision was made immediately, and I, without hesitation, stepped inside.

Beautiful massive wooden furniture and dim light convinced me that I took the right decision. With a glass of fresh beer and amazingly delicious snacks, I relaxed from the grave concerns of the day. And what a good company of beer lovers I had…

Only later I realized that this alluring display of fresh beer and snacks is nothing but plastic food models. How lucky I was to see this display window that influenced my choice!

So I had a good time and found new friends. And all this thanks to the unusual cafe design.


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