How to Change the Cafe Design and Increase Sales?

Дизайн кафе с муляжами десертов издалека привлекает внимание прохожих

Cafe design with plastic food replicas attracts the attention of passers-by from a distance

Fierce competition in restaurant business is forcing restaurateurs to take a lot of measures to promote their food-serving establishment. If you want to keep your cafe afloat, you can’t do without originality and creativity in cafe design.

An effective solution to this problem is a creative approach to window dressing and interior design, which will help your cafe stand out among competitors.

One of these unique ways of creative window dressing and cafe interior design is plastic food replicas.

This method for attracting customers was invented more than half a century ago in Japan. And it still increases profits in restaurants, cafes and bars by 120–300%. In other countries, this Japanese know-how is still in its infancy, but there appear first grateful restaurateurs who decorated their windows with fake food dishes.

What are plastic food replicas?

Plastic food models are exact copies of dishes served in your cafe. They look so realistic that you can’t tell them from real dishes.

Аппетитные муляжи в дизайне интерьера кафе увеличивают число клиентов

Appetizing fake food dishes in the cafe interior design increase the number of customers

Distinguishing features of our plastic food replicas:

  1. Fake food dishes in cafe design whet the appetite and turn casual passers-by into loyal customers.
  2. High quality of fake food items allows you to show the actual size, colour, design and ingredients.
  3. Non-hazardous materials from which plastic replicas are made ensure their safety for food service industry.

Fake food dishes can be used inside the cafe to decorate a showcase near the cash desk. It looks particularly good if the cafe interior is decorated with fake desserts. Few people will be able to resist the temptation to try a delicious dessert the copy of which looks so appetizing.

Thus, the use of plastic food models in cafe design increases the average bill, as customers order more than they planned. In addition, the number of regular patrons grows because after seeing a variety of mouth-watering dishes, customers want to come to your cafe again and try other appetizing dishes. This cafe design also saves time as your guests choose what dishes to order while standing in a queue.

Advantages of plastic food replicas in cafe design:

Аппетитные муляжи десертов на витрине значительно украшают интерьер кафе

Appetizing replicas of desserts on display decorate the cafe interior

  • High-quality plastic and silicone from which fake food items are made ensure their long lifespan. As a result, you don’t have to worry about buying new items or updating advertising strategies for many years.
  • The light weight of plastic food models makes it easy to rearrange dishes in the window display and in the showcase.
  • Fake food dishes allow easier ordering of food for children and people with poor eyesight, because customers do not have to read the menu.

Original and well-planned cafe design with plastic food replicas will differentiate your food-serving establishment from competitors and attract new customers. You only need to follow the rules on decorating display windows and showcases, and sales growth is guaranteed.

  • Do you want to increase sales through the original cafe interior design?
  • Do you want to make your establishment stand out among competitors?
  • Is your dream to have a constant flow of customers and crowds of passers-by at the entrance to the cafe?

Decorate your establishment’s window with attractive plastic food models!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will increase your profits.

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