Success of the children’s menu in the restaurant “Tonkatsu”

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We have been working for a short period of time. The majority of our customers are young people and office workers.

By the opening of the restaurant we decorated windows with fake food dishes. The number of customers was sufficient from the beginning and we could continue to operate the restaurant as before. But we were not fully satisfied with what we had achieved and decided to expand our target market through changes in the menu.

Children who came with their parents on the weekend could not finish a portion of meat dish for adults. So we had very few visitors with children. We decided to make a children’s menu.

  • First we added changes only to the paper menu. But since only our regular customers could see it, the number of visitors with children did not increase significantly.
  • We decided to use the proven method: we ordered plastic replicas for dishes in the children’s menu and added them to the restaurant window. And our efforts were successful. The number of orders from the children’s menu has increased by up to 300% per month.


Success of the children's menu in the restaurant “Tonkatsu”

Success of the children’s menu in the restaurant “Tonkatsu”

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