• Food replicas
  • Food replicas
  • Food replicas
  • Food replicas
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SMALL MARKET@DELI – all kinds of juice and ice cream!


Our brand is quite old and well-known not only in our city. Previously, we did not know anything about fake food dishes. To attract customers we used all the proven methods of advertising.
Having seen advertisements for plastic food models, we:

  • read information about them,
  • studied how to put them properly in the window,
  • considered our advertising budget
  • and decided to try this advertising innovation.
  • And we were right!

Most of our customers are young girls and children. These are the types of visitors that get excited when they see a large number of sweets and toys! Our customers take great pleasure in seeing plastic replicas of ice cream and juice.

A window decorated with a huge variety of juice and ice cream makes it impossible for a child to pass by. At our window you will always see a lot of young girls who take great delight in choosing a treat.
With no less delight at the end of each month we see an increase in profit by 140%.


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+81 90 3689 5558
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3-18-11, Japan, Sumida ku,
Tokyo, Tatekawa 3-18
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