How to leave online shops selling kitchen appliances far behind?

There are no casual visitors in a shop selling kitchen appliances. Only those who have already decided to make a purchase come here. Despite this, most visitors get acquainted with the range of goods and leave.

What happened? Why did sales of kitchen appliances fall?

Shops used to bring their owners high profits. However, with the development of online sales buyers began to come to shops just to get to know the assortment and then make a purchase on the Internet.

Throughout the world, a new kind of relationship between the buyer and seller has recently become common. It is known as showrooming. First the buyer looks for necessary goods on various websites and compares prices. Then he goes to the shop and suggests the seller reducing the price to the one on the website. When the buyer does not get the desired price, he leaves and makes a purchase in the online shop.

How to compete with cheaper online shops selling kitchen appliances?

How to organize effective sales of kitchen appliances?

The process of selling kitchen appliances should include its effective presentation. This requires:

  • An experienced sales person who knows everything about the product;
  • Additional materials that help customers understand features of the product;
  • Effective sales boosters.

Innovative solution for advertising kitchen appliances

To increase sales of kitchen appliances plastic food replicas are used.

To increase sales of kitchen appliances plastic food replicas are used

Competition with such a strong opponent as the Internet makes shops selling kitchen appliances find new effective ways to boost sales. And today the seller has such opportunities.

Now advertising of kitchen appliances can not only attract attention with stylish design of equipment, but also whet the appetite. In Japan, one of the ways to boost sales of kitchen appliances is plastic food replicas. This marketing technique has long been proven to be effective in grocery shops. But now, the trick can also be used in selling kitchen appliances.

Fake food items that are handmade from the most modern materials by Japanese craftsmen look so realistic that you cannot distinguish them from real dishes that have just been prepared. The use of plastic food models in kitchen appliances solves several problems at once:

  1. Shows functions of kitchen appliances.
    – Appetizing grilled chicken in the microwave demonstrates grill function;
    – Products next to the vegetable slicer show what can be cut there;
    – Fruit and a glass of juice near the juicer demonstrate how easy it is to make a fresh drink;
    – Fluffy loaf of bread in the bread machine shows what it will look like when baked at home.
  2. Demonstrates the size of kitchen appliances.
    – Huge freshly baked pizza in the oven shows the possibility of cooking large dishes;
    – Various food products in the fridge demonstrate its capacity and convenient design;
    – Food dishes in the multicooker show the difference between bowls of different sizes.
  3. Mouth-watering delicious dishes whet the appetite and encourage customers to make a purchase immediately to be able to cook the same dish at home. Even average stoves and ovens, without additional functions, are sold successfully if the buyer sees a bright appetizing dish inside.
To show the fridge capacity it is filled with fake food dishes.

To show the fridge capacity it is filled with fake food dishes

Mouth-watering grilled dishes attract the attention of customers

Mouth-watering grilled dishes attract the attention of customers

  • Do you want to increase sales of kitchen appliances?
  • Do you want to convert ordinary visitors into buyers?
  • Is your dream effective advertising of kitchen appliances?

Show functions of kitchen appliances by means of fake food dishes!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will make your business stand out among competitors. View plastic food models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

If you have difficulty in selecting plastic food replicas, our craftsmen will help you choose items that will emphasize functions of your kitchen appliances.

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