Restaurant’s showcase: step right up!

Restaurant’s front as a strong advertising tool

Sales increase if restaurant’s front is decorated in compliance with marketing rules

Sales increase if restaurant’s front is decorated in compliance with marketing rules

Do you know that restaurant’s front is the main element in a set of marketing tools, aimed at attracting clients to catering facilities and at increasing sales?

Just ask yourself: does your restaurant’s showcase stimulate attendance and increases sales?

Why is it so important?

Let’s say your restaurant is located not far from pedestrian area, so that approximately 10 people pass it by every minute. It is easy to count that it makes 600 people per hour. So we guess that over 5 000 000 people see your restaurant’s showcase per year!

It is only number of pedestrians. If your restaurant is located by the road, the figures may be easily multiplied.

How many people were attracted by your restaurant’s showcase? How many of them become visitors of your restaurant per day, per month, per year?

If restaurant’s front is just a nice-looking “face” which doesn’t work for sales increase, you keep losing potential clients and restaurant’s profit as a result.

Restaurant’s front improvement is a reliable and instant way of clients attraction

So you have spent much money, time and effort to create a good-looking front of your venue. Ask yourself, what does a person think while looking at the signboard and showcase of your restaurant?

If it’s: «What is this place?», your restaurant’s front doesn’t work. It requires immediate improvement. For any person, looking at your restaurant, should think “I’m hungry!”.

When a person gets hungry while being in the city, he/she usually starts exploring neighborhood, looking for a suitable venue. If your restaurant’s front is as attractive and clear as possible, the person easily takes a decision to enter the restaurant.

What are the key rules of creating modern restaurant’s front?

The main task of restaurant’s front is to provide the most complete information about the venue. The front in general and showcase in particular must encourage impulsive attendance, which attributes to instant increasing of the number of clients and restaurant’s income.

What do you need to do?

Rule № 1. The front must clearly show restaurant’s concept

Each element must support restaurant’s status: walls, windows, doors, signboard and showcase. It is important to develop and implement the style of the front which will immediately show restaurant’s features. «Face» of the venue must be as clear as possible, in order to stop hesitation of potential clients. This will help to navigate the potential client to the restaurant.

For example, a person wants a tasty pizza. He/she goes to the city center looking for Italian cuisine venue. Italian-style restaurant front will help the potential client to navigate and find appropriate venue.

How can Italian-style restaurant front look like? Italian flag by the entrance, or an external wall imitating brick houses of old Italian streets will surely make it distinctive and clear. Such front will easily attract Italian cuisine fans.

It is also very important to select front colors which will suit venue’s status and also match with buildings nearby.

Rule № 2. Restaurant’s signboard must be visible and clear

Restaurant’s signboard must be visible and clear

Restaurant’s signboard must be visible and clear

You are not a franchise of world-famous brand? The name of your restaurant is not associated with its cuisine? Then you need to indicate status of your venue near the signboard: restaurant, coffee shop, bar, etc. So that a person will not have to spend time to identify the object and he/she will make a decision to enter your venue without hesitation.

Big letters and bright illumination will make your restaurant visible even from the distance, at any time.

According to Japanese marketing specialists, a signboard, updated with only one word, to specify venue’s status, increases number of clients by 20 %.

Rule № 3. Bright illumination and open doors

  • Add some illumination by the entrance door. Psychologists proved that a person treats dark places with suspicion. Bright illumination of entrance door and soft illumination of windows dispel all subconscious fears.
    Researches showed that additional illumination over the entrance ensures significant improvement of traffic.
  • Keep your venue’s door open at any season. Open doors make a person want to enter them subconsciously. Whereas closed door may make restaurant’s entrance less visible, no matter how brightly illuminated it is.

Restaurant’s showcase which makes you think “I want to eat this!”

Restaurant’s showcase, filled with food replicas, attracts attention

Restaurant’s showcase, filled with food replicas, attracts attention

Modern restaurant showcase must be good-looking, and they must be selling as well. Any person who paid attention on attractive showcase, must want to enter the venue.

How these showcases are made?

There is a method of showcases decoration, which is being used in Japan for some decades already. It is able to evoke appetite of those who were not even hungry.

Delicious-looking food replicas in the showcase are exact copies of restaurant menu dishes.

Everybody knows popular saying “appetite goes with the eating”. While looking at realistic food replicas in the showcase, a person feels appetite and finds it really hard to resist the temptation of coming in and having the chosen dish.

Japanese researches show that about 40 % of people that approached the showcase just to have a look on replicas, eventually enter the venue and make an order.

Order replicas of your menu items right now

Food replicas in the showcase meet at least 8 goals simultaneously

Food replicas in the showcase work for restaurants income increase

Food replicas in the showcase work for restaurants income increase

Restaurant’s showcase function is to attract clients and increase income. Showcase with replicas starts fulfilling its function from the moment you place replicas in it. Right from the day one!

That’s because food replicas:

  • Attract attention of new clients;
  • Increase average check;
  • Decrease time for order;
  • Ensure clients loyalty;
  • Increase number of regular clients.

Thus they increase attendance of the restaurant.

Food replicas also:

  • Decorate restaurant’s front;
  • Distinguish your restaurant from your competitors;
  • Save advertising budget.

Analysis of food replicas influence on crucial restaurant business indicators, showed that venue income increased by 300% per month!

See rules of food replicas placing in the showcase to get maximum income.

See photos of restaurants showcases, decorated with menu items replicas.

Order replicas of your menu items right now

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