Restaurant equipment directly from the Japanese craftsmen

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Restaurant equipment plays a major role in the food-service business development. Every successful manager controls and renovates the heating, cooling, and other essential kitchen facilities. The process that is regularly being improved, reduces daily expenses and increases profit.

HoReCa exhibitions show the latest restaurant equipment

The professionals became more interested in the HoReCa exhibitions, due to the fast development of the food industry over the recent years. The exhibitions have become primary meeting points for restaurateurs, suppliers and producers; the number of participants and visitors grows every year.

Presentations of the modern restaurant equipment, workshops, discussions and masterclasses on the HoReCa top-of-the-agenda issues are particularly important at these exhibitions.

It is an excellent professional platform for sharing the experience, getting the practical advice of the leading food industry experts and discovering the new possibilities for development.

Today a lot of equipment for restaurants is available on the international market. But some of the advanced innovative technologies are still not widespread among cooking company owners.

Innovative equipment for restaurants directly from the Japanese craftsmen

Fake food is one of the most efficient and useful equipment for restaurants in Japan.

For more than 80 years Japanese restaurateurs have been using artificial dishes as a primary advertising tool. A showcase decorated with fake food items is the most effective marketing tool for customers attraction and sales increasing.

Japanese producers are leaders on the artificial dishes market. They use the most advanced technology that provides the best-known quality.

Until recently the unique Japanese equipment for cafes and bars has only been sold in Japan. The production technology is rather complicated and makes it hard to work worldwide.

One of the reason for this is that the craftsmen should have an original meal to make a replica. Nippon Dom has found a solution which gives restaurateurs from all over the world a chance to order fake dishes directly from Japan.

Fake food dishes from the menu are important equipment for restaurants in Japan

Fake food dishes from the menu are important equipment for restaurants in Japan

Nippon Dom offers you to order artificial dishes of your menu no matter where your business is located. You should just mail us the photos of your meals. Our craftsmen will cook its complete copy using the best ingredients and your original recipe. Afterwards, they will take a replica from it and make a fake dish from a high quality silicone, using any forms and colours you want.

Learn more how to order individually made fake food items by using our online contact form.

Increase your sales with the help of advanced “live” showcase!

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The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” produces fake food items that will boost your profits. See the ready-made models in our online store or contact us for a custom-made order.

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