Replica of sushi “Squid (1)”

Replica of sushi “Squid (1)”

Replica of sushi “Squid (1)”

Product description

Sushi replica “squid (1)” by Japanese manufacturer.

Manufactured to be placed in Japanese restaurants display windows for visual demonstration of menu items.

  • Handmade;
  • Patented materials;
  • A product of high durability;
  • Fast colors;
  • Similarity to real sushi up to 100%.

Product characteristics


Maximum length 85 mm

Maximum width 25 mm

Material: silicone

Useful life: more than 30 years

Manufacturer: Japan

Wooden tray and bamboo leaf are sold separately.


  • Do not put on gas-stoves, close to open fire, into microwave oven or other heating elements.
  • Do not soak in water. Details may detatch as a result of long contact with water. Locate in a rainproof place.
  • Replicas remain bright if kept indoor. Open air and direct sunlight cause minor colors fading within several years.
  • To avoid contamination it is recommended to put “squid (1)” sushi replica in a showcase or in a display box. If replica gets dusty or stained, moisten a soft tissue with warm water and clean it carefully. If you can’t remove stains with water, use neutral detergent.

Do not use:

  • metal brushes, stiff bristle brushes and hard sponges;
  • gasolune, solvents, chlorinated liquids and any corrosive detergents.

Recommended temperature for showcase: from -20 to +70 degrees Celsius. Replicas are sustainable to a temperature from -50 to +100 degrees Celsius for a short period.

Safety precautions

Sushi replica is not a food item! Use it as item for exhibition or interior decoration only.

“Nippon Dom” company takes individual orders for replicas of sushi, rolls and other Japanese dishes from photos.

Replica of sushi “squid (1)”

Replica of sushi "squid (1)"

Replica of sushi “squid (1)”

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