Replica pancake with peach and cream-1

Replica pancake with peach and cream-1

Replica pancake with peach and cream-1

Product Description

Pancake’s filling: snow-white, airy cream and 3 slices of a canned peach, sprinkled with peach jam.


width: about 260 mm

height: about 190 mm

Weight 340-420 g

Material: silicone.

Only the best quality from Japanese masters

Completely handmade work and the use of materials of the latest generation allow you to make a replica pancake with peach and cream resembling the real dish:

  • every detail is made of silicone with different consistency, which conveys the individual characteristics of the surface and shape of the products;
  • bright colours make the replica looking attractive and appetising;
  • highly solid material retains the shape of the product unchanged for the entire period of use;
  • the painting is proof enough, but may slightly fade in direct sunlight.

All the elements are 100 % handmade.
For this reason, each product has its unique size, shape and colour.

Please note that the colour of the food replica may be different from the colour in the photo. This is due to the settings of your computer monitor.

Useful life – unlimited.

Made in Japan.

A stand for the fake pancake is not included and should be separately purchased if you need it.

Replica pancake with peach and cream

Replica pancake with peach and cream

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