Fake vinaigrette custom made

Fake vinaigrette custom made

Fake vinaigrette custom made

“Vinaigrette” is a popular Slavic dish in many eateries. However, the volume and design of the meal differ from place to place.

We can make a fake vinaigrette as an exact copy of the dish you sell in your restaurant.

Just mail us a photo of your vinaigrette salad pictured close-up from above. And please provide us with some details:

  • the size of the plate;
  • the volume of the meal;
  • any additional ingredients on the plate: a sprig of dill, a mustard slide or any other the products you use.

Dishes: fake vinaigrette usually are made without utensils. You can put it on your restaurant own brand plate.

There are some cases when the fake foods are to be fastened to the dishes at the factory:

  • if there are decorations of the additional products placed next to the salad;
  • the dish is decorated with sauce.

If you prefer to serve the salad in a special dish, we will ask you to send us the necessary amount of your plates.

If the shape and size of the plates are not principally important, then we will ourselves find a right dishware for your order.

Only the best quality from Japanese masters

  • Each part of the product is 100 % handmade.
  • Our advanced materials make it possible to produce a fake food item looking as realistic as a natural dish;
  • Bright colors make the product attractive and mouth-watering;
  • The product shape remains unchanged and has unlimited lifetime courtesy of the strength of the material.

Indoors, the product colors are permanently bright.

Outdoors and under direct sun rays, the colors might slightly


Care instructions: wash the fake vinaigrette under running water with a soft brush using a mild detergent.

Material: silicone

Usable life expectancy: unlimited.

Fake vinaigrette

Fake vinaigrette

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