Big MIX hamburger replica

Big MIX hamburger replica

Big MIX hamburger replica

Components: top and bottom buns, 1 lettuce leaf, 1 slice of red ripe tomato, a slice of fried onion, milky cheese, 2 slices of fried bacon, cabbage, mayonnaise.

Highest quality from Japanese professionals.

Handicraft and materials of latest generation allow for maximum likeness of replica and real big MIX hamburger:

  • material characteristics make it possible to reproduce appearance of each product in the fish cheeseburger (shape, color and texture);
  • extensive palette of colors makes replica bright and delicious-looking;
  • high strength of material ensures that replica will keep its shape for the entire useful life.


Replica color will remain bright for the entire useful life if it is kept in a closed-type case or in the display case. Open air and direct sunlight may cause minor colors fading within few years.

If a replica of big MIX hamburger dusty or dirty, moisten a soft tissue with warm water and clean it carefully. If you can’t remove stains with water, use neutral detergent.

Do not use:

Metal brushes, stiff bristle brushes and hard sponges;
gasoline, solvents, chlorinated liquids and any corrosive detergents.

Useful life: unlimited
Manufacturer: Japan

A replica of big MIX hamburger doesn’t include plate.

Big MIX hamburger replica

Big MIX hamburger replica

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