A replica of tanned cheesecake

A replica of tanned cheesecake

A replica of tanned cheesecake

A delightful gift for your girlfriend!


A handmade replica of tanned cheesecake, by Japanese manufacturer, is a delightful gift for your girlfriend.

State-of-the-art materials help reproduce realistic texture and natural color palette of a cake replica.

Each replica is handmade. That is why size may slightly vary from images.



Length: about 95 mm
Width: about 62 mm
Height: approximately 44 mm
Weight about 130 g

Material: silicone.

Useful life: unlimited.

Manufacturer: Japan.


  • Cake replica loses shape when heated. Do not place on gas-stoves, close to fire, into the microwave oven and other heating elements.
  • To avoid contamination it is recommended to locate replica of tanned cheesecake in a showcase or in a display case. If a replica gets dusty or stained, moisten a soft tissue with warm water and clean it carefully. If you can’t remove stains with water, use neutral detergent. It is hard to get initial white color in case of bad contamination.

Do not use:

  • metal brushes, stiff bristle brushes and hard sponges;
  • gasoline, solvents, chlorinated liquids and any corrosive detergents.

Recommended temperature in the showcase is – 20 to + 70 degrees Celsius. Replicas are sustainable to – 50 to + 100 degrees Celsius for a short period.

Safety precautions:

A replica of tanned cheesecake, covered with sugar glaze is not a food item. Use it as exhibition item only.

The company “Nippon Dom” takes individual orders for the manufacture of models of desserts, drinks, as well as any dishes and products.

A replica of tanned cheesecake

A replica of tanned cheesecake

A replica of tanned cheesecake


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