Plastic replicas of pizza

The price of plastic replicas of pizza depends on a size and amount of different ingredients. The cost might vary from $100 $ to $400 per item.

In case you have not found a plastic pizza model in our online store, then please:

  • send us a photo of your product;
  • shortly describe the cooking recipe;
  • notify the quantity of the ingredients you put on top.

The Japanese fake food masters will make supreme quality appetizing replicas of your pizzas and other dishes your serve in the restaurant. No doubt you will get more customers every day and increase sales with the help of tasty-looking silicone pepperoni, vegetarian or seafood pizza placed at the entrance of your cafe.

Cistom-made food replicas, manufactured from photos

Photos of dishes

Photos of food replicas

Пицца с ветчиной, сладким перцем и шампиньонами

With ham, bell pepper and champinions.

Стоимость муляжа "Пицца с ветчиной" 175 $

The price of pizza with ham, bell pepper and champinions – $175.

Пицца овощная

Vegetarian pizza.

Стоимость муляжа "Пицца овощная" 175 $

The price of vegetarian pizza – $175.

Пицца Пепперони

Pepperoni pizza.

Стоимость муляжа "Пицца Пепперони" 175 $

The price of pepperoni pizza – $175.

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