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Food replicas for the restaurant “Trapeza” (Altai region, Russia)

Photos of dishes
sent by the customer

Photos of food replicas
made from the customer’s photos

Myasnaya Trapeza

Myasnaya Trapeza

Cost of fake "Myasnaya trapeza" $ 260

Cost of fake “Myasnaya trapeza” $260

Салат "Воздушный поцелуй"

Salad “Air Kiss”

Cost of fake salad $ 260

Cost of fake salad “Air Kiss” $260

Tian of salmon

Tian from smoked salmon

Cost of fake "Tian of salmon" $ 157

Cost of fake “Tian from smoked salmon” $157

Omul in puff pastry

Omul baked in puff pastry

Cost of fake "Omul" $ 260

Cost of fake “Omul” $260

Grilled venison

Grilled venison

Cost of fake "Grilled venison" $ 187

Cost of fake “Grilled venison” $187

Pike cutlets

Pike cutlets

Cost of fake "Pike cutlets" $ 139

Cost of fake “Pike cutlets” $139

Dessert "Hot chocolate cake"

Dessert “Hot chocolate cake”

Cost of fake dessert "Chocolate cake" $ 157

Cost of fake dessert “Chocolate cake” $157

Dessert "Pear in wine sause"

Dessert “Pear in wine sauce”

Cost of fake dessert "Pear sause" $ 139

Cost of fake dessert “Pear in sauce” $139

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