Butterbrots, sandwiches and burgers

Since you have decided to decorate the showcase of your cafe with fake sandwiches, please keep in control that your real sandwiches and burgers are not out of stock! The sales will immediately boost!

Our inedible-replicas of sandwiches are made from the most modern materials and look so natural that it is hard to distinguish them from the real ones. Each little piece looks so appetising that it is tough to struggle with the temptation to have a little bite.

Our talented craftsmen make both open and closed sandwiches:

  • on a skewer, lifting up each single slice,
  • on a plate placing each part separately,
  • as an open “book”.

Choose the ready-made fake burgers in our online store or send us the pictures of your sandwiches/burgers for a custom-made order. Our craftsmen will make a full copy of your food products of any complexity!

Cistom-made food replicas, manufactured from photos

Photos of dishes

Photos of food replicas

Sandwitch with chicken and ham

Sandwich with chicken and ham.

fake sandwitch with chicken: price

The price of fake sandwich with chicken and ham – 210 $.

Fake andwiches with delivery

Sandwich “Roasted pork”

Cost of the fake sandwich - 145$

The price of fake sandwich “Cold boiled pork” – $145.

Sandwich with trout

Sandwich “Smoked trout”.

Cost of the fake sandwich - 145$

The price of fake sandwich “Smoked trout” – $145.

Sandwich Nippondom

Sandwich “Turkey”.

Price of the fake sandwich - 145$

Fake sandwich “Turkey” – $145.

vegan sandwich

Sandwich “Vegan”.

The price of fake vegan sandwich

The price of fake sandwich “Vegan” – $145.

Sandwich with Bacon

Sandwich “Bacon”.

fake sandwich with Bacon - 145$

The price of fake sandwich “Bacon” – $145.

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