Chinese restaurant

Opened 5 years ago.

Since the opening of the restaurant, we have used a paper menu, which is available in all restaurants.
As our restaurant has a cuisine which is unfamiliar to the average customer, we encountered a number of problems:

  • Judging by the name of the dish customers cannot understand what it is, and what ingredients it contains.
  • Pictures do not show the actual size of the dish and customers don’t know how much they need to order.
  • Unfamiliar cuisine discourages customers; it is difficult for people to decide to go to the restaurant for the first time.
  • People can’t see real dishes and prices, thus they are afraid that they cannot afford going to this restaurant and pass by.
  • The restaurant menu has dishes that are rarely ordered.

We analyzed the problems faced by our customers and came to the conclusion that the only solution would be to decorate windows with fake food dishes.

It has been 1 year since we purchased plastic food replicas. The flow of visitors increased. The monthly profit increased by 140%. Dishes that had been rarely ordered became as popular as the well-known dishes. There are many new customers who come to us again and bring their friends.
Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Chinese restaurant

Chinese restaurant

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