Cafe on food court “Broth Baton” (Khabarovsk)

Take desserts replicas away from the display window!

“Bulon Baton” works out. Your replicas “work out” too, which is really nice.

It was hard to tell at first several weeks, that sales of menu items, represented by replicas, increased instantly. The replicas themselves interested visitors more that the possibility of making an order.

It was not clear why sales of dishes represented by replicas were higher on some days, than on the others.

It is a feature of our café that we have the best turnout at workdays’ lunchtime and in the evenings. There are mostly staff workers of our shopping mall and nearby offices. Some of them for example choose “Bulon Baton” as a place to spend lunchtime.

There are a lot of visitors with kids and families at the weekends and during holidays. They are having a break from shopping.

Turnout at the weekends and during holidays is pretty uneven: the timeframe from 13:30 to 16:30 is the busiest, and the next busy time is closer to the evening. It is impossible to predict every time though.

While salads from our menu were popular, еру orders of desserts with two kinds of wafers, cottage cheese fritters and ice cream were unsteady and chaotic. About a week and a half, or two weeks after we placed food replicas in the display window, we started getting the following “complaints”: “Take those replicas away from the display window! We can’t make it to meet all the orders!” That’s how we figured out that the replicas really started to “work out”.

It was almost a year of stable work before we started using food replicas, and now we notice that the number of orders increased significantly, if menu items are represented by replicas. In percentage terms, sales of menu items, represented by replicas, increased within 130%.
Regular visitors have already studied dishes from our menu. Our new visitors find it much easier to make a decision, if they see food replicas. It is also noticeable that significant amount of visitors change their taste preferences right at the moment of order, and change the set of dishes completely. Making an order of menu items, represented by food replicas is a chance for them to taste new dishes, and a chance for “Bulon Baton” café to get new visitors and increase sales.

We do plan to order new replicas when our café chain will be extended. We develop a project of “Bullon Baton” café in a new shopping mall. We’ll keep you updated. A display window with food replicas is a part of the interior design of our new café.

Regards, Andrey Zhavoronko.

"Bulon Baton” café in the food-court (Khabarovsk).

“Bulon Baton” café in the food-court (Khabarovsk).

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