Butcher shop design: Efficiency and savings

Изысканно сервированная нарезка в оформлении мясного магазина

Beautifully cut meat in butcher shop design

How do you advertise products in a butcher shop:

  • use images of appetizing meat slices?
  • demonstrate fresh-cut products?

If yes, you are well aware that this butcher shop design causes a lot of inconvenience and costs a pretty penny. Meat products lose their fresh appearance very quickly. So it is necessary to arrange special storage conditions and refresh samples on display regularly.

However, you no longer need to spend a fortune on advertising meat products on a regular basis because Japanese marketers have introduced plastic food replicas in the international market. Plastic food models:

1. are exact copies of your products
2. do not spoil at high temperatures
3. always look fresh and beautiful
4. serve your business for many years

You can use fake food items for:

  • butcher shop display
  • display stands
  • photo and video shoots
  • presentations of products at trade shows

Using plastic food replicas in butcher shop design gives the following benefits:

  • Customer attraction. It is difficult to whet the appetite with a big piece of meat in the butcher shop design. But when it is fresh-cut and beautifully served on a plate, you feel hungry.
  • Customer confidence. People see an exact replica of the product in full size. This inspires much more confidence than edited images of products in the butcher shop design.
  • Savings in refrigeration equipment. You can use fake food items both at low and at high temperatures as they do not freeze in the cold and do not spoil in the heat.
  • Savings in regular refreshment of samples on butcher shop display because plastic food models always look fresh and appetizing and have a long lifespan.
  • Leaving competitors behind. Butcher shop design decorated with plastic replicas of meat products is still in its infancy outside Japan. Thus their use will make your shop stand out among competitors!

Fake meat products are a profitable investment in the success of your business. You buy them once and they save your advertising costs and increase your profits for many years.

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on advertising meat products?
Do you want to have an effective and attractive butcher shop design?
Are you dreaming of making your business successful and prosperous?

Decorate your shop window with appetizing replicas of meat and sausage slices!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will increase your profits. View plastic food models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

Fake meat samples:

Муляж мясной нарезки -2

Fake meat slices – 2

Муляж мясной нарезки -3

Fake meat slices – 3

Муляж мясной нарезки -4

Fake meat slices – 4

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