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The growing interest in food replicas for HoReCa worldwide made Nippon Dom start looking for partners who can promote the company services on a one-time or regular basis in foreign markets.

Dealership agreement can be concluded with:

  • legal entities
  • sole trader
  • individual in any country

Dealer gets:

  • Independence in respect of your activities. You choose working time and promotion methods independently.
  • Full marketing and advertising support
  • Constant information and consultation support
  • Good purchase prices
  • Guaranteed fair and open partnership

Dealer’s benefits:

  • Income from every transaction
  • Organization of promotion during the main work
  • Expanded list of services you offer to customers
  • No risk and investment on your part
  • No limits in the number of orders
  • Non-competitive conditions. This innovation is just beginning to gain popularity in the world. You’ll be the first to offer your customers this service in your region.
  • Increase in the number of satisfied customers
Have you long wanted to start a business or expand your business with guaranteed success?
The company “Nippon Dom” offers you this opportunity. Be the first in your region!

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