Реклама напитков

Уникальный способ рекламы напитков - муляжи на витрине заведения

A unique way of beverage advertising is plastic replicas in the window of a food-serving establishment

Have you ever thought about how to organize original beverage advertising in your food-serving establishment? A difficult task, isn’t it?

Most often the main advertising focus is on the cuisine, whereas drink advertising involves only posters. But what if you have excellent beverages, which look no less tempting than food dishes? Let’s delve into this matter…

The Japanese invented a unique method that allows you to attract customers not only with dishes but also with drinks of your establishment! It’s very simple: you decorate your display window with plastic replicas, which are exact copies of your beverages.


How does beverage advertising work?

Beverage advertising with plastic models looks so realistic that passers-by want to come closer and take a glass right from the display window! And when they have come so close to your tempting drinks, especially in the hot season, passers-by do not hesitate to come to you and quench their thirst. In this case, posters and photographs don’t compare with plastic replicas because they are not able to influence the desire of passers-by so effectively.

As a result, the number of customers increases and your profits grow.

In addition, your new guests bring their friends to enjoy other beverages which look so alluring in the window or display case.

Cocktail design. Advertising alcoholic beverages with plastic replicas.

If you decorate your display window with plastic replicas of drinks, you do not only attract passers-by with beautiful non-alcoholic cocktails, but also advertise their alcoholic equivalents. Because the cocktail design is usually identical for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants. For example, non-alcoholic “Mojito” is not significantly different from its alcoholic counterpart.

In addition, your establishment stands out among competitors because few restaurateurs advertise their wide range of beverages, the design of which sometimes is quite an art.

Benefits from decorating the interior design with plastic replicas of your alcoholic beverages:

  • Your customers place an order faster, because the entire range of drinks is on display.
  • Sales of new and unfamiliar cocktails increase, as your guests no longer need to be afraid of taking risks. Plastic models make them stop guessing at the serving size and cocktail design.
  • Customers who have come to you during the day to have smoothie or other non-alcoholic beverage return in the evening to taste alcoholic drinks the replicas of which look so tempting.

If you do not advertise your drinks, your potential customers have no idea about your bartenders’ skills and stunning cocktail design.

Beverage advertising with plastic replicas tells passers-by about your fabulous cocktail decoration in the best possible way!

  • Do you want this effective drink advertising?
  • Do you want to have a rapidly growing number of customers?

Get plastic replicas of your tempting beverages for window-dressing!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make plastic replicas that will make your business stand out from competitors. View plastic models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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