What plates are used for food models

What plates are used for food models

Food models are put in real plates.

However, not all models can be made in plates initially. It depends on type of food.

  • Liquid food models are made in plates or glasses: drinks and first courses soups.
  • Plates are used for second courses models if the course design is complicated, if there are a lot of minor ingredients, or if it is covered with sauce.
  • The models, that do not require plates: second courses or fast food (for example, side dishes, burgers, pancakes, etc.). It is easy to replace plates for such food models.

If you need food models to be put in plates, we will select the most suitable ones. However, there is always a possibility that plates may slightly vary in shape, color or size from the original ones.

If it is critical for you to have food models in exactly your plates, we will request to send them to us.

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