Are food replicas made in tableware or not?

Our specialists try to make food replicas without dishes, because it is convenient for customers:
  • you can put replica in a new plate in case if current one breaks;
  • you can put replica in your branded plate with restaurant’s logo;
  • package cost reduces due to lower weight;
  • no risk to break dishes while sending package.
However there are some kinds of replicas that have to be made in dishes only. Such as soups, juices, puddings, etc., i.e. food which takes shape of a dish.
As well as food with numerous ingredients. For example, salads.
If you need your replica to be put in a dish, we will select the most suitable dish ourselves. However there is a possibility that it may slightly vary in a shape, color or size.
If it is critical for you to have replicas in exactly your dishes, please send your dishes to us.

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