Japanese desserts “Motiko” (Chișinău, Moldova)

Японские десерты «Мотико», (Кишинев, Молдавия).

Japanese desserts “Motiko” (Chisinau, Moldova)

When we placed our first order for plastic replicas of Japanese desserts “Moti”, we were, honestly, worried. The East is a delicate matter, and these are fake food dishes. They must look tasty and edible. So, we had to wait …

When we received our first batch of plastic food models, there was no bound to our delight. “They look like ‘alive'”, our Director of Marketing said and ran to organize a photo shoot.

Fake food items are impeccable in sales. Even under professional light on display there is no doubt that the ‘product’ is natural. The colours match perfectly and fully correspond to our request.

Irina is a very nice and responsible manager. At the moment, we are planning to open a few more points of sale. And the flawless-looking window with plastic food replicas from «Nippon Dom» has made a considerable contribution to it.

В торговом центре Атриум открылся бренд шоп японских десертов "Motiko".

A brand shop of Japanese desserts “Motiko” has opened in the shoppong mall Atrium

Муляжи десертов "Мотико" на витрине невозможно отличить от настоящих.

Fake desserts “Motiko” in the display case are impossible to distinguish from the real counterparts

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