How to attract customers to a restaurant – the secret of Japanese restaurateurs

Муляжи блюд – эффективный способ привлечения клиентов в ресторан

Fake food is an effective way of attracting customers to the restaurant

How to attract customers to a restaurant is a giant headache of almost every owner of restaurant business. How to attract customers to a restaurant quickly, efficiently and reliably? How to prevent passers-by from taking a glimpse of the sign absently and make them stop with interest and go inside, even if it was not in their plans? How to make people talk about your place, regularly come back and bring their friends?

Japanese restaurateurs have found a unique solution to the problem of how to attract customers to a restaurant. They decorate display windows with food replicas which are exact copies of real dishes. These colourful products made from high-quality plastic and silicone are so realistic and enticing that their appearance whets the appetite, you begin to salivate and the stomach rumbles in a demanding way.

Fake food is a goldfish, which fulfills three wishes of every restaurateur:

  • Attracting  customers to the restaurant.

Passers-by cannot resist appetizing dishes and come to your restaurant. You can see how tempting food replicas look like in the online shop.

  • Increasing the average check.

Fake food items look so tempting that customers want to try a variety of dishes from the menu and they order more than planned.

  • Advertising that works for you for a very long time.

You should spend money on fake dishes only once and then you do not need to think about advertising for a long time because these products are made of high quality materials. They do not break, do not fade in the sun and they are easy to clean.

The most important is that the Japanese method of attracting customers increases profits up to 300%!

Соблазнительные муляжи на витрине японского ресторана

Seductive food replicas in the Japanese restaurant window

Get replicas of your mouth-watering dishes for the window!

  • Do you want to have attractive outdoor advertising of the restaurant?
  • Is your dream a steady flow of customers and crowds of passers-by at the entrance to your restaurant?
  • Do you want to create original interior design of the restaurant and leave competitors far behind?

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will increase your profits. View plastic food models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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