How to Increase Sales in Fast Food Outlets

Уличные ларьки фастфуда целесообразно размещать на оживлённых улицах

Fast food kiosks should be located on busy streets

High popularity of fast food stands and kiosks is associated with frantic pace of modern life, which forces people to spend just a few minutes for a meal or have a snack on the run.

To meet customer needs, business people open fast food outlets selling hot dogs, pies, pancakes, ice cream and drinks.

Fast food business is in such demand that you can see multiple vendors in places with a large number of people.

Due to the fact that opening a fast food kiosk or stand is not difficult, or rather not as difficult as opening a fully-fledged cafe or restaurant, you should be prepared that your competitors will be springing up all over.


How to organize the best fast food outlet in the face of stiff competition? How to have a long queue at your stand and make competitors envy?

Fast food opening – rule #1: Clean and tidy

Organize your business in such a way that people have no doubt concerning cleanliness of fast food equipment and tableware, as well as good hygiene among waiters and cooks. Everything should be spotlessly clean and inspire confidence.

Fast food equipment used for cooking should be professional and suitable for food products. For example, the buyer is scared off when the seller uses a trowel to cook shawarma.

Earn a reputation as a quality and clean fast food outlet.

Fast food opening – rule #2: Impeccable freshness

You shouldn’t use food ingredients you didn’t sell or cook yesterday. Especially it concerns perishable products or cooked dishes.

If, for example, there are a lot of buns or donuts left because it was raining, and there were few customers, you can put the bakery up for sale at a reduced price one hour before closing time. But if even in this case you have something left, next day you can put all this on display with a note “yesterday’s bakery”. You should be honest with your customers. There are certainly those among them who would like to purchase yesterday’s bakery at half price.

Analyze daily attendances and learn to make accurate predictions of sales for the next day.

Fast food opening – rule #3: Summer North Pole

When opening a fast food outlet you should consider the location of fridges and freezers. Refrigerators should be capacious to be able to keep everything that needs to be stored at low temperatures.

Without this fast food equipment no food-serving establishment can survive, as all food products need to be stored properly so that they are fresh and good for cooking.

Fast food opening – rule #4: Light box with your products

Приобретение муляжей при открытии фастфуда экономит рекламный бюджет

Getting plastic food replicas when opening a fast food saves the advertising budget

Writing names and prices with a marker pen is a traditional way of presenting products in many fast food outlets. The majority of kiosks use this primitive and old-fashioned method.

However, in some countries where fast food business is at a higher stage of development, healthy competition makes owners use modern and effective methods of presentation and fast food advertising. Just like in restaurants, they set a small showcase with illumination near the kiosk. The showcase houses the whole assortment with prices.

Just like in restaurants, they set a small showcase with illumination near the kiosk. The showcase houses the whole assortment with prices.


The secret of fast food advertising is a display window filled with plastic food replicas:

  • Fake food items look so realistic and appetizing that your customers can’t distinguish them from real dishes.
  • Plastic food models do not spoil or lose their appeal and fresh apearance even under the heat of the blazing sun.
  • Passers-by can easily decide what to order, as they see the size and design, and more importantly, ingredients.
  • And the most interesting thing is that if you get a showcase decorated with fake dishes, your fast food outlet will be beyond comparison.
Муляжи блюд всегда выглядят аппетитно и не портятся долгие годы

Plastic food replicas always look appetizing and do not lose their fresh appearance for many years

So, if you follow the above-mentioned rules for opening a fast food outlet, you will make your business prosper. Introduce an entirely new level: the new always intrigues and attracts people.

Your fast food business can become more competitive if you add unique conditions and service that will simplify the buying process.

  • Do you want to increase sales in your fast food?
  • Would you like to try a creative method of fast food promotion?
  • Is your dream the prosperity of fast food business for years to come?


Use the most effective way to attract customers with fake food items!

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