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Design ideas – Pizzerias

The peculiarity of pizzeria design is excellent Italian dishes which beckon with beauty and whet the appetite. This became possible thanks to plastic food replicas that can’t be distinguished from a fresh-baked pizza or fresh-cooked pasta.

At the sight of this wide assortment your customers don’t know where to look. And the main question is not whether to go to the pizza place, but what to choose. The idea for pizzeria design using fake food items will make the food-serving establishment original and attract new customers.

Pizzeria "Papa Milano". Facade.

Pizzeria “Papa Milano”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Papa Milano". Display window.

Pizzeria “Papa Milano”. Display window.

Pizzeria "Mar-de Napoli". Facade.

Pizzeria “Mar-de Napoli”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Mar-de Napoli". Display window.

Pizzeria “Mar-de Napoli”. Display window.

Pizzeria "Resce d Oro". Facade.

Pizzeria “Resce d Oro”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Resce d Oro". Display window.

Pizzeria “Resce d Oro”. Display window.

Pizzeria "Sicilia". Facade.

Pizzeria “Sicilia”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Sicilia". Display window.

Pizzeria “Sicilia”. Display window.

Pizzeria "Pizza Meal". Facade.

Pizzeria “Pizza Meal”. Facade.

Pizzeria "Pizza Meal". Display window.

Pizzeria “Pizza Meal”. Display window.

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