The successful restaurant Rakeru has turned 50!

Хорошо продуманный маркетинг способствует успеху ресторана «Ракеру»

Well-thought-out marketing contributes to the success of the restaurant Rakeru

It seems an average family restaurant. There are many of such places in every city. Simple menu, inexpensive interior, reasonable prices…

The question is how did a small restaurant, opened in 1963, build a chain of 54 successful restaurants across the country, hiring 760 employees, and with total revenue of 38 million dollars a year? How did the owners manage to achieve such incredible restaurant success? And what is so attractive for customers, most of whom become regulars?

Everything looks simple only at first glance. But if you look at the successful restaurant Rakeru from the marketing perspective, you can see a well-thought-out and efficiently organised system of attracting and retaining customers. The system works perfectly and brings a steady profit.

Let’s consider the system in detail:

  • Location of the restaurant
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Facade of the restaurant
  • Interior design
  • Attracting loyal customers

1. Location of the restaurant

A very important component of the restaurant success is its proper location.

All restaurants Rakeru are located in shopping malls. People who came to do the shopping are their main customers.

2. Outdoor advertising

Marketers of the successful restaurant Rakeru use all the effective methods of outdoor advertising for family restaurants:

  • At the entrance to the shopping mall there is a stand with information what restaurants and cafes are located there. Of course, the stand has information about the family restaurant
  • There are posters with information about food and prices in Rakeru in lifts and along escalators.

3. Facade of the restaurant

People get the first impression of the restaurant at the entrance. Facade design influences the decision to go to the restaurant and place an order. Facade of the successful restaurant Rakeru effectively combines an original signboard, brightly lit window with plastic food replicas, menu posters on the wall, a menu book, information stands, and chairs for customers to sit while waiting.

According to marketers, this combination of advertising techniques gives the maximum effect for the restaurant success.

4. Interior design

The sparkling clean, brightly lit window with fake food dishes catches the eye of passers-by from a distance. All the replicas on display are exact copies of the restaurant dishes. Thanks to the high quality of materials and professionalism of craftsmen who make plastic food models, customers know what the size of the ordered dish will be, its composition and design. Cards with the name and price are located in front of every fake dish. Thus before passers-by enter the restaurant, they look at plastic food replicas in the window and choose the ones that want to order.

Fake food dishes in the window are displayed at an angle of 45-60 degrees. They are placed in categories and well-lighted. This arrangement of dishes is most convenient for a good view.  Plastic food models are made so skillfully that they cause surprise and admiration of passers-by. Fake dishes whet the appetite so that people can’t resist the temptation to go to a restaurant and order a meal.

Секрет успеха ресторана «Ракеру» - соблазнительные муляжи у входа

The secret of the successful restaurant Rakeru is mouth-watering fake dishes at the entrance

Соблазнительные муляжи выглядят так же аппетитно, как и настоящие блюда

Tempting plastic food replicas look as appetizing as real dishes

5. Attracting loyal customers

The display window is decorated with plastic replicas of dishes that can be ordered at any time, regardless of the season and time of day. The portable stand at the entrance has a temporary menu for lunchtime. In addition, it changes seasonally.

Information about today’s discount on business lunch is located on a smaller stand. A well-chosen combination of dishes, a beautiful mouth-watering photo and information about the discount attract customers who don’t want to waste time and want to save.

Ярко освещенная витрина ресторана «Ракеру» издалека привлекает внимание

Brightly lit window of the restaurant Rakeru attracts attention from a distance

Just in front of the entrance there is a stand with a menu book. Exactly the same menu is offered to customers inside the successful restaurant Rakeru.

Next to the display window brightly lit posters hang on the wall. They show a full range of dishes and desserts, most of which are not displayed in the window with plastic food models. Beautiful high resolution close-ups of dishes look ​​so tempting that they create an irresistible desire to go to the successful restaurant Rakeru and immediately place an order.

Customers can see the actual size of dishes in the display window with fake food dishes.



Муляжи десертов на витрине показывают настоящий размер и состав блюда

Fake desserts on display show the actual size and composition of dishes

Муляжи мороженого выглядят так аппетитно, что невозможно пройти мимо

Replicas of ice cream look so appetizing that it’s impossible to pass by

Chairs at the entrance make the facade design complete. The meticulous attention to detail contributes to the restaurant success among shoppers. Marketers did their work perfectly. The success of Rakeru has lasted for 50 years. And there are plans to open new restaurants.

The next article will tell you about the interior design of the successful restaurant Rakeru, their table decorations and tricks that marketers use to attract repeat customers.

Today the chain of family restaurants Rakeru consists of 54 successful food-serving establishments.

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