How to Increase the Speed of Service at Fast Food?

Скорость обслуживания клиентов - важный элемент организации фастфуда

Speed of service is an important element of fast food organization

Recent marketing studies have found that in the last few years the speed of service at fast food has reduced, and the number of dissatisfied customers has increased. And all this is happening when the work of the staff is already well-coordinated and advanced automation software is used. What’s the matter?

If you take a closer look at your customers at the cash desk, you will understand why the service time at fast food is increasing. It is not just professionalism of the staff, but also the fact that customers cannot make a decision quickly. They have to ask clarifying questions to your employees. Thus they reduce the speed of service which is already difficult to deliver within the ideal two minutes.

What exactly makes fast food customers ask additional questions before they place an order?

Factors influencing the increase in time spent on placing an order at fast food:

  • It isn’t clear what the serving size is as the image dimensions don’t correspond to the original dish.
  • People cannot see all ingredients in the dish.
  • Unrealistically beautiful images raise doubts about what the original dish looks like.
  • Customers with poor eyesight and little guests have difficulty reading menu boards.

If the service time for every second fast food customer increases by just half a minute, this delay can become critical at peak hours. People come to fast food to have a quick meal, and thus every minute counts. In this case, they will simply choose another food-serving establishment where there are no huge queues.

The solution to the service speed problem at fast food

Today, you can solve all the problems that affect the customer service speed at fast food. Just offer your guests a comprehensive presentation of dishes from the menu. You can do this by using plastic food replicas, which are exact copies of the original dishes.

Правильно оформленная витрина фастфуда увеличивает количество клиентов

If the fast food display case is decorated correctly, the number of customers increases

На витрине с муляжами представлен весь ассоримент фастфуда "Dragon Sweets"

The display case with plastic food replicas shows the entire assortment of the fast food “Dragon Sweets”

How do plastic food replicas increase the customer service speed at fast food:

  • People understand what the serving size is and see all ingredients in the dish.
  • Full-sized three-dimensional images give a comprehensive idea of dishes.
  • Fake food items are impossible to tell from the real counterparts and customers are sure the dish will look exactly like the replica.
  • Customers no longer need to read information on the menu board.

“Plastic food replicas are silent sellers”

fast-food restaurant “Teriyaki Grill”, Saint Petersburg

Besides, fake food dishes attract the attention of passers-by and whet the appetite. More information about this can be found in the publications: Why to Use Plastic Food Replicas and Advantages of Fake Food Items over Other Types of Advertising.

  • Do you want to increase the speed of service at fast food?
  • Do you want your customers to make quick decisions about what to order?
  • Is your dream an increasing number of customers that never go away to the competitor?

Decorate your fast food with realistic replicas of dishes!

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make plastic food replicas that will increase your profits. View fake dishes in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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