Secrets of Organizing Successful Restaurant Business

Increase profit up to 300% using outdoor advertising

Attracting new customers causes a main headache for most restaurateurs. Since the competition is growing in the foodservice business, the main challenge is to choose a  right marketing strategy.

Shock doses of aggressive and often weak ad spots, slogans and leaflets make potential visitors intuitively filtering out unnecessary information, and for this reason they usually don’t pay attention to it.

It is important in this case to find useful advertising tools which will help to attract consumers and escalate sales. Japanese marketing specialists believe that it makes no sense to waste money on city advertising. People will hardly be willing to drive through the whole city just to get something to eat at precisely your cafe.

It applies to only your potential audience and does not require any further regular payments.

What attracts the visitors, makes sales and saves your advertising budget?

A showcase with silicone food replicas

Why is it a great idea to decorate a window case with silicone food dishes? It significantly increases your profit, because it solves several major marketing problems at the same time:

  • attracts the attention of passers-by;
  • saves order time
  • advances an average bill
  • boosts the number of regular customers;
  • make your showcase looking tasty and beautiful
  • saves your advertising budget
  • helps to stand out from your competitors

Here you can read more detailed information about how a showcase with fake food dishes develops sales.

Display cases. Variant-1

A showcase of a family restaurant attracts people attention from a rather long distance.

Витрины. Вариант-2

The consumers are choosing a meal from a showcase with fake dishes before they enter the cafe.

To order fake food items for your showcase, please contact us right now.


The billboards, located close to the entrance, give passers-by the relevant information about your facility:

  • the location
  • the cuisine
  • the prices
  • the special offers

The stands can be made of metal, wood or plastic. It is important to highlight the stands from inside or outside, because the information should be visible any time of the day. The small boards are easy to use: easy to fold and pack, and they do not require much storage space.

Since the information on the billboards should be visible from far away, it is important to follow the following rules:

  • short sales text in bright colours,
  • large high-resolution pictures,
  • use an arrow pointer to show the way.

What should you write on the billboards?

Just the name of your cafe doesn’t say much to anyone. That’s why it is important to provide the potential clients with more detailed and attractive information. For example:

  • Meat set – $7.
  • Sandwiches – $5.
  • Delicious lunch offers.
  • Cheap! Tasty! Made with love!

The billboards samples:

Стенды. Вариант-1

Advertising stand in the shopping centre is located in the most attended place.

Стенды. Вариант-2

Delicious, colourful desserts look so tempting and awaken the appetite.

Стенды. Вариант-3

Pictures of the interior and meals from the menu inform the customers about the cuisine atmosphere of your place.

Стенды. Вариант-4

Menu pictures with prices help to get an idea of what the meal will cost and remove the consumers doubts.

Bright flags

Place bright flying flags along the roadway and sidewalks. They get drivers and walkers attention. And therefore, the amount of people who would like to get in becomes higher.

Print the name of your eating house, working hours and attractive prices on the flags.

Флаги. Вариант-1

Attractive price on red flags is clearly visible for street walkers and drivers from far away.

Флаги. Вариант-2

The bright flags along the road inform about special offers.

Флаги. Вариант-3

A photo of the chief cook and the names of your exclusive meals invite people to visit your grill-house or pizzeria.

Флаги. Вариант-4

A nice looking cup of coffee on the flag encourages drivers to stop for buying a hot drink and probably something to eat.

Wall posters

If you are located in a shopping centre or in a place where there are a lot of passing by people, it is a good idea to hang the posters on each floor, along the escalators, and in elevators. These posters will inform the customers about your location, working hours, cuisine and the prices.

Плакаты. Вариант-1

The text information should be written using big fonts and bright colours.

Плакаты. Вариант-2

A poster hanging in the elevator will introduce your menu and prices to a potential client.


The cheers placed at the entrance help to accomplish several tasks at a time:


  • If all your tables are occupied, it is most likely, that a client will not bother waiting for an available seat. But if there are free chairs next to your door, the client will take a seat and with a pleasure wait for his turn.
  • While the clients are waiting, suggest them to take a look at the menu. This will shorten the waiting time and as well will save the order time, which means that you can provide a faster service.

See how successful restaurateurs solve a problem with long queues:

Стулья у входа. Вариант-1

Waiting for an available seat, the clients read the menu and choosing the dishes.1

Стулья у входа. Вариант-2

A shopping centre customers are sitting in line on the original comfortable chairs.

Competent and well thought-out organisation of a foodservice business makes profit, because you can attract more customers and save on advertising budget.


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