Restaurant Promotion with Minimum Expenses on Advertising

Can you say with confidence how cost-effective your strategies for restaurant promotion are? Before you spend huge amounts of money on traditional adverts in the media or outdoor advertising, you should analyse all existing restaurant advertising strategies for attracting customers.

Restaurant promotion ideas for attracting customers:

  • direct marketing
  • social media
  • special offers
  • events
  • tasting
  • word of mouth
  • loyalty cards

These restaurant promotion strategies require constant updating and regular financial investments. However, there is a method of restaurant advertising which allows you to spend money only once and forget about expenditures on promotion, because it will work for your restaurant for many years. This method is the Japanese know-how – decorating windows with plastic food replicas, which are exact copies of dishes.

How to promote a restaurant using fake food dishes: Japanese method

Муляжи аппетитных блюд у входа способствуют раскрутке ресторана

Plastic replicas of mouth-watering dishes at the entrance contribute to the restaurant promotion

Муляжи пиццы смотрятся более красиво, если они расположены вертикально

Fake pizzas look more beautiful if they are arranged vertically

The Japanese know how to promote a restaurant in the most efficient way. Their method of restaurant advertising with plastic food models increases profits by at least 120%. See what it looks like:

Plastic food replicas are made by experienced Japanese craftsmen; they look so realistic that it is difficult to tell them from real dishes. They give a clear idea of what the dish looks like, its size and ingredients. You can see this in our catalogue of plastic food models.

Just imagine yourself as a customer walking past the restaurant window decorated with fake food dishes. Can you resist the temptation to go inside and try a wide assortment of mouth-watering dishes that lure you with their beauty?

Studies have shown that 40% of passers-by who stopped at the window decorated with plastic food models enter the restaurant. In addition, customers order more than they planned, because they want to taste something else from the appetizing assortment.

Thus, fake food dishes from “Nippon Dom” have several advantages for restaurant promotion:

  • You do not present your potential customers textual descriptions of dishes, but their exact copies.
  • Plastic replicas of dishes look so colourful and realistic that they inadvertently whet the appetite.
  • Fake food dishes do not fade and do not break because they are made from high quality materials.
  • You can always add your signature dish or a new offer to the restaurant window and introduce them to customers.
  • Next to the dish you can put the price card so that customers have a clear idea how much the meal will cost.
  • Fake dishes make your restaurant stand out from the crowd with the original and creative design of the window.

Promote your restaurant with attractive plastic replicas of your dishes!

Соблазнительные муляжи десертов помогут вам раскрутить ресторан

Plastic replicas of tempting deserts will help you promote the restaurant

  • Do you want to attract passers-by and have an increasing number of customers?
  • Do you want to invest in restaurant promotion once and forget about it?
  • Is your dream to leave competitors behind?

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will increase your profits. View plastic food models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.





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