Restaurant Menu Design

Витрина с муляжами блюд является оригинальным дизайном меню ресторана

Display window with plastic food replicas is original restaurant menu design

Do you know that the main restaurant advertising is its menu? You can spend a fortune on advertising in the media, distributing flyers, hanging advertising banners and organizing promotion campaigns.

However, passers-by make choices based on the attractiveness of the restaurant menu design.

To ensure best results in sales, put yourself in the customers’ shoes and design a restaurant menu that will take into account all their needs.

Basic rule: Restaurant menu should be simple, easy to read and informative.



Advantages and disadvantages of different restaurant menu designs

1. Paper menu for a restaurant

Advantage: You can provide information about a large number of dishes.


  • When you change prices you have to reprint the entire menu, which entails additional costs.
  • Verbal descriptions of dishes do not whet the appetite.
  • Customers do not see the size of dishes and their design.
  • If your cuisine is unfamiliar to the average consumer, potential customers will choose another food-serving establishment with dishes they tried.

2. Restaurant menu decorated with photos of dishes

Advantage: Good presentation of your assortment.


  • If your establishment has a wide range of dishes, the menu will be unwieldy. And people will be unwilling to flip through multiple pages.
  • Photos do not convey the exact composition of dishes, so customers have to waste time reading their descriptions in the menu.
  • Customers do not know how much to order, because the photograph cannot accurately show the serving size.

3. Chalkboard menu for a restaurant

Advantage: This restaurant menu design allows you to change prices without additional costs.


  • It is impossible to present a large number of dishes on the chalkboard.
  • Neat and legible handwriting is required; otherwise customers won’t be able to read the menu.
  • Without visual aids the menu is unable to whet the appetite and reduce fear of trying unfamiliar dishes.

4. Digital menu board

Advantage: This restaurant menu design attracts attention; you can make changes in the menu.


  • Digital displays are expensive equipment.
  • You should maintain equipment in good working condition.
  • Only one side of the dish is shown, so customers don’t understand its size and composition.
  • Digital displays show enlarged images which confuse customers.

5. Electronic menu for a restaurant

Advantage: Customers quickly place an order and can get any information about the dish.


  • You need to purchase expensive equipment and spend money to maintain the system.
  • It is necessary to spend money regularly on repairs and upgrades of electronic devices.
  • The image on the screen is unable to accurately convey the size of the dish, so customers don’t know how much to order.

6. Restaurant menu design with plastic food replicas

Аппетитные муляжи в витрине - точные копии блюд меню ресторана

Appetizing fake dishes in the window are exact copies of dishes from the restaurant’s menu


  • This restaurant menu design demonstrates dishes of your establishment at full size.
  • Fake dishes attract passers-by with realistic appearance and thereby increase your sales.
  • Customers don’t need to read descriptions, as plastic replicas are exact copies of your restaurant’s dishes.
  • You can rewrite prices on the cards which are placed in front of every dish.
  • You can easily remove a dish which is not on the menu today.
  • Fake dishes are your one-time investment in advertising and designing a restaurant menu, as they have a long lifespan and they are maintenance-free.


Due to the fact that production of high quality plastic food replicas that convey the appearance of the dish with pinpoint accuracy is an expensive process, their cost may seem quite high. However, according to our clients’ reviews the increased profits allow you to fully recoup the cost of fake food dishes in 1-1.5 months. Thereafter, profits remain high but you no longer need to think about new investments in restaurant advertising.

Today, when the image plays an important role in our daily lives, designing a restaurant menu that demonstrates dishes at full size is a must. Before placing an order people want to see a full range of dishes in the food-serving establishment. Restaurant menu design with plastic food models has a number of advantages: it attracts new customers, increases your sales and encourages your guests to come back.

  1. Do you want the most effective restaurant menu design?
  2. Would you like to invest in advertising once and no longer think about it?
  3. Is your dream an increasing number of customers and profit growth?

Make your restaurant menu design more attractive by using plastic food replicas!

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