Restaurant Interior Design

“Good design is all about creating something that is going to last,” says Marco Rebora, the founder of the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. “It’s not about spending millions of pounds on creating a huge statement. If you fail to consider how your guests are actually going to feel within that space, you will go bust within a year.”

What should be considered in restaurant interior design?

  • Unique atmosphere. It is a combination of quality food, impeccable service and restaurant interior design. It is necessary to create unique atmosphere which customers can experience only if they come to your restaurant.
  • The power of colour. Using specific colours in interior design in restaurants can influence the success of your business, because every colour affects people in different ways.
  • Layout. The most important issue is careful planning of the dining room. The arrangement of tables should make it convenient for waiters to move in the dining room and it should be easy to make little changes if necessary.
  • Lighting. Brightness of the light should be easily controlled. In this case, you can change the restaurant atmosphere in the afternoon and in the evening. In addition, this will help reduce energy costs.
  • Furniture. You should take into account different preferences of customers. For example, some like sitting at the bar, while others prefer comfortable chairs. It is also necessary to think about furniture for customers who come in big groups.

Restaurant interior and exterior design

Такой дизайн ресторана выгодно выделяется среди конкурентов

This restaurant design stands out among competitors

Restaurant interior design should also match its exterior. People get to know the restaurant at the dispay window, so it is very important that passers-by immediately know what to expect inside.

The ideal solution for this restaurant design project is decorating restaurant windows with fake dishes. Food replicas are exact copies of what you can order in the restaurant. They are made so skillfully and professionally that you cannot distinguish them from real dishes.

Fake food items attract the eye of passers-by and whet the appetite. Imagine yourself in your passer-by’s shoes. Could you resist the temptation if you saw such a beautiful display case that tells you so eloquently what delicacies await you inside?

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Finally, some advice on creating a restaurant design project:

  • It is necessary to think what will distinguish your restaurant from the competitors and use it in the restaurant interior design.
  • Everything should match: name, menu and interior in restaurants.
  • Do not save on things which the customer touches (furniture, menu, cutlery and so on).

The right combination of exterior, interior design and menu in the restaurant is the most effective way to success because it leaves an unforgettable impression and contributes to your guests’ pleasant pastime.

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