Restaurant Industry Trends

Quality of food and service are not the only factors in the development of the restaurant business. In recent years, innovations have significantly changed the food-serving industry. Thus to get high profits it is important to keep track of current restaurant industry trends. What are the cutting edge innovations in restaurant business 2015, and what restaurant industry trends can be applied?

Modern technology improves and makes human life easier in different areas. Human beings get used to good things very quickly. That’s why we feel some discomfort when in the restaurant we don’t get something we got accustomed to.

It is certain that among several restaurants of the same level customers choose one which, for example, offers free wi-fi. Here they can enjoy dinner as well as relax and stay online: check e-mails and chat with friends in social networks. Thus, it is now considered usual for food-serving establishments to offer their customers free wi-fi.

Food replicas in a shop-window

Инновация в ресторанном бизнесе - витрина с муляжами блюд меню

Restaurant indusrty trend – a display case decorated with food replicas

Everyone knows that people go to restaurants to have a meal and a good time. But now it is no longer enough to offer well-prepared dishes and impeccable service.

How to make people decide to have lunch or dinner at your restaurant?

One of the restaurant industry trends is to show people your menu right in the restaurant window. As you know, this is almost impossible to do with real dishes. Photos of dishes, even high-quality, cannot cope with the task either.

The only way that does not only decorate the cafe display window, but also become an attractive source of information for passers-by is fake food dishes. High quality of materials makes food replicas look like real dishes; you can see their size and composition. You can also put a price card and write ingredients. Fake food dishes make selection of a restaurant and a dish easier.

This innovation in restaurant design gives great advantages to the restaurant and it is convenient for customers.

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make plastic food replicas that will increase your profits. View fake dishes in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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Electronic menu

Electronic menus

Electronic menus

Technological trends in restaurant industry are related to the use of tablets that can replace the usual brochures and menu books. Each customer can choose dishes and contact the waiter using a tablet.

Customers can see the total cost of the order and the number of calories. If they don’t like something, they can easily delete it and choose something different before the dish is served. While waiting for the meal customers don’t waste time, because they can check e-mails, talk to friends on Skype or just play games.


 QR - code

QR – code

QR-code is a marketing innovation that is efficient in the organization of restaurant business. The little square of two-dimensional bar code can have detailed information about your restaurant, menu and promotions. It is also possible to introduce the website of your food-serving establishment, invite people to join groups in social networks and sign up for the newsletter.

You can place QR-code on advertising stands, tables, as well as on receipts that are handed to every customer. QR-code can be easily scanned by a mobile phone, tablet or laptop camera and saved as a bookmark in your gadget.

Restaurant industry trends often require additional financial investments. And this fears most owners of restaurant business. But the focus only on the current state of affairs and the reluctance to invest in innovations in restaurant business will lead your restaurant to losses and the threat of being a bankrupt in the future.

Investing in innovations today, you invest in the future success of your restaurant!

Do you want to apply the latest trends in restaurant business when opening a fast food, a cafe or a restaurant?

Do you want to increase profits by means of innovative design of the restaurant menu?

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