Restaurant and Cafe Promotion

Грамотная раскрутка ресторана и кафе направлена на проходящих рядом людей

Proper restaurant and cafe promotion is aimed at passers-by

Restaurateurs often don’t pay enough attention to the restaurant and cafe promotion and therefore lose money. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a passer-by who walks past your restaurant or cafe.

  • Does the food-serving establishment catch your eye?
  • Do you want to go inside or prefer to pass by?

How to solve the problem of promoting your food-serving establishment, and what marketing strategies are most effective in cafe and restaurant promotion?

Marketing strategies of restaurant and cafe promotion

  • Loyalty cards. If your customers regularly go to your cafe, they receive a gift or a bonus. Offer regulars something for free, such as coffee as a gift, and you’ll show how you value them.
  • Special offers. Discounts at certain times of the day, such as drinks at a good price in the morning or a business lunch at lunchtime are very effective. You attract people passing by your cafe on the way to work or at lunchtime.
  • Outdoor advertising. Cafe exterior is a kind of business card for a food-serving establishment. Display window should be attractive and easy to understand: it should convince passers-by to come to you. Window dressing should be original so that your cafe stands out among competitors. It should tell passers-by that you offer good food and drinks made from healthy products.

For cafe promotion restaurateurs usually use photos of their dishes. What can be better than demonstrating customers what delicious dishes they can enjoy at the food-serving establishment and thus whetting their appetite?

However, the photo doesn’t give an accurate picture of how the dish will look like, for example, it isn’t possible to show its size and design details. It is much more effective to use three-dimensional images. Remember the popularity of 3D films in which the viewer experiences everything that happens to the characters with a high degree of realism. You can get the same unique effect if you use three-dimensional images for promotion of restaurants.

Restaurant and cafe promotion by means of advertising with fake food dishes

Раскрутка ресторана при помощи витрины с аппетитными муляжами блюд

Restaurant promotion by means of a display case decorated with replicas of mouth-watering dishes

The Japanese found a way to give customers an unforgettable experience by looking at the outdoor advertising of food-serving establishments. This Japanese know-how is window dressing with plastic food replicas, which are exact copies of dishes.

Studies of Japanese marketers show that 40% of people who have seen the window decorated with plastic replicas of appetizing dishes can’t resist the temptation and go to the food-serving establishment. This isn’t surprising because when you look at the beautiful fake dishes you feel hungry immediately and there is an overwhelming desire to take a plate directly from the display window. Thus, the cafe promotion using the method of window dressing with plastic replicas of dishes attracts customers and increases profits.

Display window decorated with fake food dishes is a guarantee of fast restaurant, bar or cafe promotion

  • Products from high quality plastic and silicone are made so skillfully that you can’t distinguish them from real dishes. They show the exact size, colour and design of the dish. After this vivid demonstration passers-by confidently go to the cafe and place an order.
  • Another important advantage of plastic food replicas for promotion of restaurants is durability. You need to spend money on them only once and you can forget about outdoor advertising because fake dishes will work for you for years to come. They don’t break, don’t fade in the sun and are easy to clean.
  • Lightweight plastic food replicas allow you to easily change the location of dishes on display or remove those that aren’t present in today’s menu.
  • Next to each dish you can put a card with the name and price. This saves time because customers don’t have to study the menu book. In addition, knowing the cost of breakfast, lunch or dinner gives people more confidence and removes hesitation they may experience when they first visit your food-serving establishment.
Такая «вкусная» раскрутка кафе и ресторана возбуждает аппетит у прохожих

This “delicious” promotion of restaurants and cafes whets the appetite

Cafe and restaurant promotion is a difficult task for which it is necessary, first of all, to think about customers: what impression different methods of promotion will produce on them.

You can find more information on the restaurant and cafe promotion in the article “Secrets of the organization of successful restaurant business”.

  • Do you want to promote your food-serving establishment with unique equipment for fast foods, cafes and restaurants?
  • Is your dream to make your restaurant business very profitable?
  • Do you want to create an original interior of the bar, cafe or restaurant?

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