Restaurant and Cafe Advertising

Высокоэффективная реклама ресторана и кафе - муляжи блюд на витрине

Highly effective restaurant and cafe advertising is plastic food replicas in the display window

Do you know that only about 5% of cafes and restaurants develop further after opening?

The reason why some food-serving establishments thrive for many years, while others suffer losses or struggle to survive in a competitive environment, depends on whether restaurateurs follow simple but very important principles. One of these principles is restaurant and cafe advertising.

How to choose the best restaurant and cafe advertising?

The best cafe advertising which corresponds to all these principles is plastic food replicas. They are exact copies of dishes offered at your food-serving establishment.


Restaurant and cafe advertising using fake food dishes:

  1. Attractive. Plastic food models look so appetizing that inadvertently whet the appetite. And passers-by go to your food-serving establishment. Fake food items function as menu and outdoor advertising.
  2. Visual. Realistic plastic food replicas are almost impossible to distinguish from real dishes. They show the exact size, composition and dish design. Thus fake food items help your customers to make a choice.
  3. Informative. It is recommended to put a card with the name of the dish and price in front of plastic food models. When passers-by know the cost of breakfast, lunch or dinner, they are not afraid of the unknown price in the menu and walk into your establishment with confidence.
  4. Long-term. Fake dishes made by professional Japanese craftsmen are durable because they are made from high quality materials. Thus you pay for plastic food replicas once and you no longer need to think of expenses on restaurant and cafe advertising.
  • Do you want to use best restaurant and cafe advertising?
  • Is your dream to invest in advertising once, and forget about regular expenses?
  • Do you want to make your business successful and stable?

Use plastic replicas of tempting dishes from your menu for restaurant and cafe advertising!

Аппетитные муляжи блюд – лучшая реклама кафе и ресторана

Mouth-watering fake dishes are the best restaurant and cafe advertising

The Japanese company “Nippon Dom” will make fake food items that will increase your profits. View plastic food models in our online catalogue or place a custom-made order.

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