Restaurant Advertising. How to Save Money on the Advertising Budget?

What do restaurant owners do when their food-serving establishments do not bring the desired profit?

  • One increases expenditures on restaurant advertising.
  • Another changes the menu.
  • The third redecorates the interior.
  • The fourth raises prices.
  • The fifth … closes the restaurant.

But the modern Japanese restaurateur studies the experience of colleagues who spend money on advertising in a safe way, which allows them to forget about regular restaurant promotion, menu changes and interior redecoration. They only have to expand staff because the number of customers is increasing.

The Japanese outdoor restaurant advertising boosts profits by 120%.

It is unquestionably guaranteed minimum, which you get when you start using this type of outdoor restaurant advertising. Within 2-3 months your profit increases so fast that reaches 200 – 300%, and you have to expand your business.

So what is this outdoor advertising of restaurants, which is used by all restaurateurs in Japan and which is almost unknown in other countries? Let’s look at Japanese streets

Наружная реклама ресторана в Японии - муляжи блюд в витрине заведения

Outdoor advertising of restaurants in Japan: plastic food replicas in the display window

Have you noticed the difference between the appearance of restaurants and other buildings? Right! It is window dressing! Windows of almost all Japanese restaurants demonstrate a full restaurant menu by means of plastic food replicas which are exact copies of dishes that can be ordered there.

It is proven that 40% of people, who approached the window decorated with fake food dishes, enter the restaurant.

Catching the attention from a distance, brightly-lit windows cannot but attract a lot of passers-by. It is human nature that when you see a crowd of people, you desperately want to come closer and find out what all of them are looking at with great interest.

And that’s where everyone(!) who approached the window gets an unforgettable experience of outdoor restaurant advertising. At the sight of various mouth-watering dishes, most people feel hungry immediately. They have a burning desire to enter the restaurant and order something as soon as possible.

But why does everyone have this overwhelming desire and only 40% of people enter the restaurant?

Because the remaining 60% of passers-by are very busy. They do not have a spare minute to stop by the restaurant and try at least a dessert. But as soon as their work is done, these people remember about mouth-watering dishes they saw earlier in the restaurant window. And they hurry back there to enjoy the dishes.

Facts and evidence of the impact of outdoor restaurant advertising on people:

Human memory works in such a way that we remember best those processes that are not completed. The charming window stays in the memory of fascinated passers-by until they go to the restaurant and try dishes which impressed them.

Эффективная и долговечная реклама ресторана - муляжи блюд на витрине

Effective and durable restaurant advertising solution is fake food dishes on display

  • Do you want this amazing window dressing for your restaurant?
  • Do you want to invest money in outdoor advertising of restaurants and forget about regular expenses for promotion?
  • Do you want a steady flow of customers and crowds of passers-by at your restaurant?
  • Is your dream to make your business successful and stable?

Get attractive plastic food models for your restaurant window!

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