PappaRich (Australia)

PappaRich (Australia)

PappaRich (Australia)

Food replicas for PappaRich are made from photos on the company website.

PappaRich is a popular brand of Malaysian cuisine which has restaurants chain in 11 countries. The brand which presents itself as honest and transparent company, is especially proud to use the best of freshest components for the dishes.

In order to provide clients full information about the brand’s cuisine, management of Australian branch made a decision to place showcases with menu items replicas by the entrance.

Food replicas for PappaRich are designed to be easily removed from the plates, in order to let customer place them in branded plates.

Food replicas for PappaRich (Australia), made from photos

Photos of dishes
sent by the customer

Photos of food replicas
made from the customer’s photos

"Wat dan hor"

“Wat dan hor”

Стоимость муляжа "Wat dan hor" 173 $

Cost of fake “Wat dan hor” 173 $

"Curry laksa"

“Curry laksa”

Стоимость муляжа "Curry laksa" 182 $

Cost of fake “Curry laksa” 182 $

Rot canai with beef

“Rot canai with beef”

Стоимость муляжа "Rot canai with beef" 173 $

Cost of fake “Rot canai with beef” 173 $

"Chicken rice"

“Chicken rice”

Стоимость муляжа "Chicken rice" 157 $

Cost of fake “Chicken rice” 157 $

"Chicken rice"

“Chicken rice”

Стоимость муляжа "Curry laksa" 70 $

Cost of fake “Curry laksa” 70 $

"Chicken rice with boiled chicken"

“Chicken rice with boiled chicken”

Стоимость муляжа "Chicken rice with boiled chicken" 182 $

Cost of fake “Chicken rice with boiled chicken” 182 $



Стоимость муляжа "6-chicken-skewers" 200 $

Cost of fake “6-chicken-skewers” 200 $

Char koay teow

“Char koay teow”

Стоимость муляжа "Char koay teow" 173 $

Cost of fake “Char koay teow” 173 $

"Butter toast"

“Butter toast”

Стоимость муляжа "Butter toast" 122 $

Cost of fake “Butter toast” 122 $

"Boiled eggs"

“Boiled eggs”

Стоимость муляжа "Boiled eggs" 70 $

Cost of fake “Boiled eggs” 70 $

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